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Sat 19/03/05 at 22:37
Posts: 558
They should change the name of gameaday to gameaweek because it takes them so long to update the claimed pizes, or even the winners. As a result you'd be lucky to find out your prize claim is valid more than a week after you make it. Worse yet, you find out if you won gameaday over a week after the winning submission was made. So i think they should call it gameaweek because they seem to update it on a weekly basis (at best) and they could say that there are up to 7 prizes to be won in every gameaweek

By the way i feel i should include this because i'm not convinced all were aware of my obvious joke and jab at the fact that gameaday is badly run here. They said as much on the site bugs page a while back, the prize claim updates were delayed by more than 2 weeks. I don't know about you but i thought i was the one who had done something wrong with my claim after it hadn't been updated after 2 weeks when others had. My other jab was at the fact they still haven't updated the claimed prizes from over a week ago - or even the winners list
Sun 20/03/05 at 15:23
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
munn wrote:
> Rickoss wrote:
> Yeah, I'm sick of gad it';s so crap!!!!!1111
> I agree, you should give yours back.

Or just give them to me!
Sun 20/03/05 at 14:30
Posts: 11,038
Rickoss wrote:
> Yeah, I'm sick of gad it';s so crap!!!!!1111

I agree, you should give yours back.
Sun 20/03/05 at 13:55
"Dark FX"
Posts: 303
Tphi wrote:
> I remember when they use to do 3 Gameadays a day.

Those were the days
Sun 20/03/05 at 13:36
Posts: 7,741
I remember when they use to do 3 Gameadays a day.
Sun 20/03/05 at 13:24
Posts: 21,800
You can't say it's a bad system just because you were too stupid to check the winners list.
Sun 20/03/05 at 13:21
"Meet me on amplitud"
Posts: 15
I just won gameaday (yay me!) but I didn't even know until I clicked on my stats. Not a good system!
Sun 20/03/05 at 12:03
Posts: 10,437
Yeah, I'm sick of gad it';s so crap!!!!!1111
Sun 20/03/05 at 11:34
Posts: 23,284
I might try and win again.
Sun 20/03/05 at 11:33
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
No matter what you say, they're still giving you free games. Games. Worth around 30. Just for writing a review or something. So whatever you arguement is, you're wrong.
Sun 20/03/05 at 11:30
"No Surprises Please"
Posts: 2,192
They're giving you a free game and you're still moaning?

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