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"So...Spurs or Newcastle?"

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Sun 13/03/05 at 15:47
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
Place your bets!

I'm unfortunately going to have to say 2-1 to Newcastle. I fear they'll be to strong and confident after their win against Olympiakos. But then again I could be wrong :)
Mon 14/03/05 at 17:32
"the whites are goin"
Posts: 279
Flock wrote:
> Yay!
> Onwards we go, i want the manc scum at St James next!

I want newcastle to win now because i think that shearer deserves a trophy before he retires, i want him to carry on fot at least another season, and a nother thing we (tranmere) bought that Calvin Zola from u and he has been deported becaus enewcastle didnt get him a proper visa its not fair!
Mon 14/03/05 at 13:43
Posts: 15,579
Anyway, hopefully it'll be man u arsenal in the final.

Always a battle in more ways than one.
Mon 14/03/05 at 13:38
Posts: 15,579
The Semi's are always at a neutral venue. Villa park and Old trafford usually depending upon who's playing.

Carfiff should have been saved for the final.
Mon 14/03/05 at 13:35
Posts: 18,487
Well we got the scum like i wanted but it's a shame it's at a neutral venue.
Mon 14/03/05 at 13:25
Posts: 10,489
"Phillip Albeeeeeerrrrrrrrtt, he has lobbed him, its 5-0 to Newcastle" :)

Best defence we had since Milburn captained the team, Steve Howey, Darren Peacock, Phillip Albert, Warren Barton, Ruel Fox and Rob Lee in front of the defence... defence being the key word as all we knew (and still did up until Souness took over) was how to attack and then when that failed from the front end, get the defence up there to help out. Keegan = legend.
Sun 13/03/05 at 23:16
Posts: 18,487
or†ega wrote:
> denmark brazil was in world cup 98 :)

It was a friendly

> still won the league that season anyway.

Yes and it will never be forgotten, EVER!
Sun 13/03/05 at 23:14
Posts: 15,579
denmark brazil was in world cup 98 :)

still won the league that season anyway.
Sun 13/03/05 at 23:04
Posts: 18,487
or†ega wrote:
> true, that was almost ten years ago though :P

October 96 i think, a wonderful day and then to see them get beaten 6-3 by Southampton the next week was tremendous and on top of that i'm pretty sure Denmark played Brazil in between. Schmiechel conceded 16 goals in 3 games.
Sun 13/03/05 at 20:56
Posts: 15,579
true, that was almost ten years ago though :P
Sun 13/03/05 at 20:22
Posts: 23,695
Man U don't actually get beaten 5-0 all that much at home, though. :-)

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