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"free ipods uk, scam or not a scam?"

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Thu 03/03/05 at 14:05
"Worth it? TOTALLY!"
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Hey peeps, i'm a n00bie so be gentle to me. Anyone seen this new free ipod marketing thing that has just come to the uk. it was out in the states about a yr ago and i was jealous because it looked like a totally legitimate offer. Anyways, i'll let you guys and gals check it out for yourselves

*link removed*

Basically all you have to do is sign up for two of the offers and get 5 others to do the same. all the companies are fairly reputable (ebay-hmmm.) it apparently works on the basis that you get more people to sign up for their companies, but i can see two companies i would sign up for and i wouldn't be spending more than 2.99. now 6(u and 5others)x3 is hardly near 140 or whatever ipod minis are going for these days. so yeah, scam or not? let the debate commence!
Thu 03/03/05 at 17:51
"Chavez, just hush.."
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Kilgore Trout wrote:
> *lonk removed*

Lonk me up Scotty.
Thu 03/03/05 at 16:30
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Hmm, pretending to be starting a debate. That's subtler than the usual FREe IPID!! NOT A SCAM, HONIST!!!1!!!111 threads they usualy post.
Thu 03/03/05 at 16:13
"period drama"
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I prefer dodecahedron-selling myself.
You get 2,543,123% profit in the first 5 seconds. All for 2p and a strawberry lace.
Thu 03/03/05 at 16:11
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My 256mb MP3 player does me fine thanks. Ipod Point being, I don't need one. And if I did,I wouldn't go into one of these shady pyramed schemes, I'd go into the "trapazoid", which garauntees its investers a 300% profit.
Thu 03/03/05 at 15:50
"Chavez, just hush.."
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oasismark wrote:
> Thats exactly the idea!
> You set that up, get 60,000 users signed up and you will make lots of
> cash.

Yep, and I could offer you all an iPod for every 5 referrals that you make. Just say that you need to refer 5 people and they all need to buy a 30 game at SR to 'claim' your iPod. I'd get 9 for every 5 referrals and sales.

You could then 'claim' your iPod but I wouldn't finalise the process until I got at least 100 extra referrals and sales as that would only get me 180 - cost of iPod. Or about 20. By which time there would already be another 19 people on the list who had claimed their iPods and were waiting for 100 people each to sign up before it would be shipped!

Things like this are great when it's done on a planet with an infinate human population...
Thu 03/03/05 at 15:44
"Chavez, just hush.."
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oasismark wrote:
> How do you know alot about it?
> Are you signed up?

No, but I've got ads like this on my site. Just I don't offer incentives like they're doing.

> But if they state in their T&C, that 5 referals is all you need,
> then why can they wait till you have 10, thats breaking their own
> T&C.
> From website
> 1. Receipt of iPod's
> (a) After a user completes the steps required to receive the product,
> FreeiPodUK will take measures to ensure that the user receives their
> iPod mini within a reasonable amount of time. Delivery times vary but
> most orders are received within 30-45 days.
> "
> so that means they cannot wait till you have 10 referers, once you
> have 5 who also do 2 offers, you should recive the ipod within 45
> days.

No, you can 'claim' your iPod when you get 5 referrals. You'll then be placed on a list where you will wait for the 1,000,000 new people to sign up before you get to the top.

All of those scratchcards that you get, you really think they give away massive holidays all the time? It always says phone this number to 'claim' your prize.

Anyone can go into a police station and claim to own the wallet full of cash that's just been handed in. It might not belong to them and they may not actually receive it, but they can still claim it!

> And if you do what they ask, you qualify. it doesn't state any kind
> of scale, of how much you must do for more cash eg.

Blockbuster only pay commission on people that sign up and pay for a month, eBay only pay for people that place bids. It's probably likely that most people don't get the site any money at all as they just sign up. The site will need a lot of signups just to cover the cost of the iPod, plus more on top of that for a profit.
Thu 03/03/05 at 15:37
"Chavez, just hush.."
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Oh, and if people are signing up for stupid offers then I may as well make my own one up!

If anyone is intending on buying anything from like Comet or, well anywhere really get in touch with me. You buy through a link that I give you and I'll refund you something like 3% of the total price of the product!

Just think, you could buy a 1000 TV from Comet and get 20 back! (Comet only give 3% commission, the dirty dogs. And I want 1% of it!)

Most other places give me 5% though, and you can get 3% back!

Wooooo, it's a win/win situation!
Thu 03/03/05 at 15:13
"Chavez, just hush.."
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oasismark wrote:
> You are contradicting yourself
> "they WILL NOT send out"
> "they'll probably send out"

Blockbuster pay 10 IF the signup pays for a months rentals online. eBay pay up to 14 but that site is breaking the T&C of eBay.

The site buys the iPods themselves. Each 5 referrals could potentially bring in 120 which is still less than what an iPod is worth! They'll need to make a profit before they send them out. So you're looking at maybe 1 iPod for every 10 referrals at the very very least. So they WILL NOT send out iPods for each 5 referrals.

> If all requirements are met, those companies get 12 new customers for
> 120.
> That is dirt cheap advertising, you can't deny that.

Plus they won't get the maximum for each signup. If they don't sign up for the services then they won't get any money or very little. (If the user who signs up with eBay does sod all the referring site gets a few pennies.) I think they're also breaking eBays T&C too so I'm gonna find out about that.
Thu 03/03/05 at 15:03
"period drama"
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How is that a contradication?

They will not - this is a sure thing - send them out for every 5 referrals.

But they will probably send them out for every 100 or so. Possibly every 101, or 150. It's hard to be exact.
Thu 03/03/05 at 14:52
"Chavez, just hush.."
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oasismark wrote:
> An advert in a newspaper can cost 100,000's, tv adds cost
> more. With this referal method, these companies are getting 12 new
> customers between them, for the price on 1 iPOD, about 120.

Ha, they WILL NOT send out iPods for every 5 referrals that you make, they'll probably send one out to the top of the list for every 100 or so people that join. They make about 600 and only have to pay for an iPod, which they probably buy through an affiliate link too.

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