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"CPU Pin - Replacement?"

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Tue 22/02/05 at 13:15
Posts: 4,899
Is it possible to get a single pin on the CPU replaced?

/ Is there a workaround?

'Cos I just found my old 3.2GHz P4, with the single pin missing.

How should I fix it?
Sat 26/02/05 at 21:28
Posts: 4,899
tigamilla wrote:
> Just to elaborate on Nimco's suggestion, IDE cables contain fairly
> sturdy but fine wires that are known to work...

Too fat.

However, recently clipped my Sky cable, which had tiny little copper wires, which are good quality too. Hmmmm... Methinks I may have found a solution.
Sat 26/02/05 at 19:32
Posts: 190
you could try soldiering it after all, theirs nothing to lose
Fri 25/02/05 at 00:26
"Want a cd key.."
Posts: 3,443
Yeah I guess if your handy with a soldering iron then solder a piece of copper on it..

I dropped my cpu once lol lucky it landed with the pins up :o)
Wed 23/02/05 at 23:07
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Telephone wire.

Worth a shot. If it works, keep the Northwood and sell the Prescott on ebay. Just to warn you though, it's difficult. I've never yet managed it.
Wed 23/02/05 at 17:55
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
Just to elaborate on Nimco's suggestion, IDE cables contain fairly sturdy but fine wires that are known to work...
Wed 23/02/05 at 17:44
Posts: 1,384
You could hack apart an old multi-strand wire - coaxial maybe? Telephone cable?
Wed 23/02/05 at 16:57
Posts: 4,899
I've heard that. But where can you get copper wire that thin?
Wed 23/02/05 at 14:18
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Theoretically you could use a thin piece of copper wire.
Tue 22/02/05 at 23:04
"Just ram it in!"
Posts: 1,036
I donít think you can replace the pins, itís probably some kind of special metal they use. It wonít be a matter of soldering another pin on.
Tue 22/02/05 at 22:03
Posts: 4,899
C'mon guys, help away, don't be shy!

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