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"Christ! Next months OXM looks like it might actually be worth the money for once..."

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Mon 24/01/05 at 13:31
Posts: 21,800
Was just searching the OXM site to see if the latest issue when I came across (almost literally) the list of what's on the March demo disk. These are all playable...

Unreal Tournament 2 (Live demo)
Splinter cell: CT
Timesplitters 3
Area 51
Snk vs capcom: Svc Chaos
Tak 2
Another Star Wars:Republic Commando level

I'm hoping TSP3 and SC:CT will both be playable online too, but that's probably just wishful thinking.
Mon 24/01/05 at 18:55
Posts: 33,481
6 quid for 8 demos WHAT a ripoff.

I mean honestly, who throws a shoe?
Mon 24/01/05 at 18:51
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Creepy wrote:
> Pfft
> That'll be £6 Iíll regret spending
Mon 24/01/05 at 18:15
Posts: 21,800
They gave NFSU2 a pretty low mark considering. They also gave all the MoH games marks in the low 50's.

I don't tend to stick up for them because they're mainly full of sh-t, but they really aren't biased towards EA games.
Mon 24/01/05 at 18:06
Posts: 877
they gave catwomen 7. something...says it all really. Those guys love EA.
Mon 24/01/05 at 16:59
Posts: 33,481
Are you reading the same mag? The rip into EA a lot.
Mon 24/01/05 at 16:52
Posts: 877
stopped buying this now, its a complete joke! same demos over and over. Its turning into a little chavs mag. Dont play all the games they review, only seem to like things made by MS or EA....EA says it all really.
Mon 24/01/05 at 14:10
Posts: 3,941

That'll be £6 Iíll regret spending
Mon 24/01/05 at 13:48
Posts: 14,437
Looks like I'm buying that then.
Mon 24/01/05 at 13:48
Posts: 21,800
I'm too bothered really.

The longer they delay releasing it, the more polish it gets. It's not like there won't be enough games in the run up anyway.
Mon 24/01/05 at 13:33
Posts: 4,910
Nice one, I'm looking forward to playing nearly all of those, let's just hope they keep their promise and get them all on the disk, SC: CT rules btw if the multiplayer demo is anything to go buy, not as good on PC but Live play will rocket again I rekon when it's out. Splinter Cell has been delayed until April 1st here too :(

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