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"41 Reasons to think of Man Utd and smile"

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Thu 13/01/05 at 23:21
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
1. Kenny telling reporters they'd get more sense out of his baby daughter than Fergie, following a 3-3 draw at Anfield - April 1988

2. Lou Macari leaving Celtic and turning us down in favour of United. Look what you could have Lou! - December 1972

3. The four replica European Cup's being waved enthusiastically in the away section at Old Trafford (rumour has it that 18 League titles were confiscated at the turnstiles!) - January 2002

4. Liverpool leading United 2-0 at Anfield and the Kop singing 'there's only one United and that's a chocolate biscuit! - Boxing Day 1979

5. Razor Ruddock's bullet header past Schmeichel to complete the never-to-be-forgotten three-goal comeback - January 1994

6. Nigel Clough's two goals in the same game - January 1994

7. United finishing fourth in the one-horse title race of 1985/86 - May 1986

8. The Manchester Evening News proudly publishing the league table after just one game of the 1989/90 season. Why? Because United were top following a 4-1 victory over Arsenal! - August 1989

9. Ron Atkinson's decision to let Peter Beardsley leave United - March 1983

10. Beardsley's hat-trick for Liverpool in a 4-0 Anfield rout - September 1990

11. Souey bursting the Anny Road net with a first time rocket past Paddy Roche. It was his first goal for the Reds and set us up for a 3-1 win - February 1978

12. 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' ringing around Anfield as United lose the league to Leeds - April 1992

13. Murphy's free-kick ending ten years of hurt - December 2000

14. 3,000 or so Scousers out-singing 64,000 Cockneys at Old Trafford - every season

15. THAT goal by John Arne Riise - November 2001

16. Gary Neville's laughable act of bravado when attempting to goad a 10,000 strong army of travelling Reds from the safety of the Old Trafford pitch - January 1999

17. Big Jans Milk Cup screamer that has never been seen on TV - November 1985

18. Steve Bruce deflecting a McManaman shot past his own keeper - March 1995

19. Dusty Whelan and the sweetest of Wembley winners - March 1983

20. Fowler 'the prowler' overshadowing Cantona's much-hyped return - October 1995

21. Whelan scoring the greatest own-goal ever and the fact it didn't matter - March 1990

22. Old Trafford resounding to anti-Scouse songs - whenever United are on the telly

23. Rob Jones keeping Ryan Giggs in his pocket on his Reds debut at Old Trafford - October 1991

24. Kenny's mazy dribble through the United defence and subsequent finish in the FA Cup semi at Maine Road - April 1979

25. Fergie deliberately forgetting to mention Liverpool whenever he talks about Europe's most successful clubs - every time a Champions League game comes around

26. Walshy's last-gasp semi-final leveller at Goodison - April 1985

27. United fans claiming they didn't care about the Worthing Cup Final. Poor losers! - March 2003

28. Gordon Milne sending the Kop into raptures with his late New Years Day winner - January 1966

29. Stevie G's Anfield belly flop - March 2001

30. Brucie saving a Frank Stapleton penalty at Old Trafford - April 1982

31. A young Michael Owen scoring a goal then showing he's not afraid to put his foot in - April 1998

32. Jockey Hansen sprinting the length of the Maine Road pitch in celebration after equalising in the FA Cup semi-final - April 1979

33. Speedie silencing the Stretford End with a goal on his debut - February 1991

34. Big Ron from Old Swan, his year round tan and full-length leather. Symbolic of a glorious era when empty spaces at Old Trafford outnumbered the prawn sandwich brigade - June 1981 to November 1986

35. Mancunian striker Alf Arrowsmith scoring two against his hometown team as the Red close in on the title - April 1964

36. Barthez flapping at a cross in front of the Kop and Owen punishing him by heading home to complete a 3-1 victory - November 2001

37. Shanks laughing off Matt Busby's cheeky bid to sign a young Tommy Smith and Chris Lawler - early 1960s

38. Ruddock winding Cantona up by continually turning his collars down and provoking a retaliation that earned the Frenchman a booking - October 1995

39. Louis Bimpson's finest hour, when he scored three in a 4-4 Anfield thriller - August 1953

40. Goals from Keegan and Heighway sealing a 2-0 home win. Nothing remarkable about that but come the end of the season United were relegated and this result obviously contributed to that - December 1973

41. The display of total football from arguably the greatest Reds side ever during an emphatic 3-0 festive stroll at Old Trafford - Boxing Day 1978

P.S. A link would not work - LFC.TV
Wed 19/01/05 at 15:47
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
AbsoluT Neó wrote:
> 43. Liverpool go out the FA Cup as a result of some Magical footwork
> by Jimmy Traore, what a Legend!
> ;)

Eh? when did this become 41 reasons to think of LIVERPOOL and smile, but this would be numero uno. and Djimi Traore must die
Tue 18/01/05 at 23:07
Posts: 8,818
43. Liverpool go out the FA Cup as a result of some Magical footwork by Jimmy Traore, what a Legend!

Tue 18/01/05 at 23:04
Posts: 15,579
Heh, and hows he gonna break into the england team when he wont be getting regular football at anfield?

Maybe he had half a chance before morientes, but now hes behind him and Baros and next season Cisse will be back.
Tue 18/01/05 at 16:07
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
or†ega wrote:
> ".....10 men! we only had 10 men...."

Every single one of which spent the last half an hour of the game inside their own penalty box.

Crap game, crap goal. Rooney won't be celebrating when Neil Mellor takes his place in the England side.
Mon 17/01/05 at 12:35
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
yeah. in the unlikely event the scouse had beaten us, they would never have shut up, much like we arent doing now.

*chants* 1-0, 1-0, 10 men, 1-0
Mon 17/01/05 at 12:31
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Forza wrote:
> And people wonder why a lot of football fans hate Man Utd fans.

Yes, how dare we celebrate a win against one of our rivals. Get the hate mob mobilised
Sun 16/01/05 at 01:06
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
AbsoluT Neó wrote:
> 1. Saturday Jan 15th, 2.19pm - Man Utd beat Liverpool after
> the 'Pool had three shots on goal at Anfield as Rooney the bully-victim
> forces Dudek to make yet another blunder.

Sat 15/01/05 at 19:42
Posts: 8,818
Enlighten me? I have merely added 1 more reason to the 41 reasons in this post.
Sat 15/01/05 at 19:35
Posts: 863
And people wonder why a lot of football fans hate Man Utd fans.
Sat 15/01/05 at 19:31
Posts: 8,818
42. Saturday Jan 15th, 2.19pm - Man Utd beat Liverpool yet AGAIN after the 'Pool had one shot on goal at Anfield as Rooney the Scouser forces Dudek to make yet another blunder.

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