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"All Short Story entries"

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Thu 13/01/05 at 01:35
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Short Story Competition Titles

SSC34 - Rescue
SSC33 - Alchemy
SSC32 - After the Apocalypse
SSC31 Blood in the snow
SSC30 - Marine
SSC29 - Shade(s)
SSC28 - Friend of a friend
SSC27 - The other woman
SSC26 - Out for dinner
SSC25 - Lost
SSC24 - Style
SSC23 - Wire(s)
SSC22 - Heart and soul
SSC21 - The switch
SSC20 - Scale(s)
SSC19 - Just before dawn

SSC18 - Tracks
SSC17 - Diamonds
SSC16 - Nomad
SSC15 - Full circle
SSC14 - Smoke
SSC13 - Hatch
SSC12 - Shard of light
SSC11 - Between/through the walls
SSC10 - Clowns
SSC9 - Fuel
SSC8 - Leech
SSC7 - Sublime
SSC6 - Dust and flame
SSC5 - The mask of Markopan
SSC4 - Secret cheesecake or secret tunnel
SSC3 - The well
SSC2 - An old mill
SSC1 - The magic monkey

Short Story Competition Entries

On The Run [URL][/URL]
Heavenly [URL][/URL]
Stat [URL][/URL]
Unbearable [URL][/URL]
End of the line. [URL][/URL]

The Room [URL][/URL]
The Shadow [URL][/URL]
Late ForDinner [URL][/URL]
Sordid [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL]
Dolphinia [URL]¤tsort=desc&offset=0[/URL]
Fallen Angel [URL][/URL]

arctic hobo
Fair [URL][/URL]
Penses [URL][/URL]
A small hill [URL][/URL]

Out for Dinner [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 26
Her Comfort In His Shade [URL][/URL]
Lizzie (The Soul Alchemist Reprise) [URL][/URL]

Suicide Mill [URL][/URL]
Man Of The Well [URL][/URL]
Pure Reprisal [URL][/URL]
Masked Hostility [URL][/URL]
Cremation [URL][/URL]
Sublime Assassin [URL][/URL]
Childhood Memories of You, You, You [URL][/URL]
Empty [URL][/URL]
Til Death Do Us Part [URL][/URL]
Clarity [URL][/URL]
Depressed & Obsessed [URL][/URL]
A Night's Tale [URL][/URL]
The Tinker-Man [URL][/URL]
Notes [URL][/URL]
Holding Heart [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 22
Brand New [URL][/URL]
A Romantic Evening [URL][/URL]

gg Lil jn
The Big Stink! [URL][/URL]
The Legacy of Mystical Sveldan! [URL][/URL]

Black Glove
Magic Monkey [URL][/URL]
Finnbarr [URL][/URL]
Zora's Wish [URL][/URL]
Fruitcake [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 4
Endmaker [URL][/URL]
Doc Spackman's Spark [URL][/URL]
Mister Kipper [URL][/URL]
Star in the head [URL][/URL]
Neverwhere [URL][/URL]
Story Hatching from an Odd-shaped Egg [URL][/URL]
Man of Solitude [URL][/URL]
Becky [URL][/URL]
Glib Pulverizer [URL][/URL]
Gangrel, my marauder [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 16
Monoman [URL][/URL]
The Red Dress [URL][/URL]
Monsieur Faberge - Hatchet Man [URL][/URL]
Saving the world [URL][/URL]
Running Him Down [URL][/URL]
Jane Fondle [URL][/URL]
Sunbeam Avenue
His & Hers [URL][/URL]
Prey [URL][/URL]
Fore [URL][/URL]
Sibbe & her Big Sky [URL][/URL] Winner SSC32
Nailer [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 34

Pursuit [URL][/URL]

The Dare [URL][/URL]
Markopan's Masks [URL][/URL]
Dealing With Aliens [URL][/URL]
Bloody Bastogne [URL][/URL]

She Was A Nomad [URL][/URL]
Diamonds are Forever. [URL][/URL]
Second Time Lucky [URL][/URL]
Jeliah- My Friend of a Friend [URL][/URL]
Blood is for the living [URL][/URL]
The end before the start [URL][/URL]

Cool Boy
Santa Claws [URL][/URL]
The Tour Bus [URL][/URL]
The Trail Of Blood In The Snow [URL][/URL]
Strokes Of Luck [URL][/URL]
No Where To Go [URL][/URL]
Tom's Escape [URL][/URL]
Sacrifice! [URL][/URL]
Twisted Tale [URL][/URL]
The House [URL][/URL]

Sadness [URL][/URL]
The Crash of life. [URL][/URL]
Hitman! [URL][/URL]
Stealing [URL][/URL]
Track Rats! [URL][/URL]
Tracks Of Death [URL][/URL]
Crazed [URL][/URL]
The Switch of Life! [URL][/URL]
Scales of Life! [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL]
Stuck Behind the Wire Fence [URL][/URL]
Skateboarding to the heavens [URL][/URL]
Like a Baby Bird [URL][/URL]
Lost in a dream [URL][/URL]
My Sad night with no-one [URL][/URL]
Cyborgs at dinner [URL][/URL]
I Need Someone [URL][/URL]
Vitypo [URL][/URL]
Shade running over them [URL][/URL]
Vitypo Part three out at sea [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL]
Searching the Antarctic [URL][/URL]
The Scientist [URL][/URL]
Sorry I didn't rescue you [URL][/URL]
Never cry wolf [URL][/URL]

Count Me Out, Mr. Sorrow [URL][/URL]
No, That Red Letterbox Over The Road Isn't Related To You [URL][/URL]

The Old Mill [URL][/URL]
Away We Drift [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 6
Cacophony [URL][/URL]

El Tombo
Save Point [URL][/URL]

Through the walls [URL][/URL]
Light of The Screen [URL][/URL]
My timeless days [URL][/URL]
The scales of life tipping into manhood [URL][/URL]
Damn you, vile woman! [URL][/URL]
The love letter [URL][/URL]
Nothing would ever be the same [URL][/URL]

Memories [URL][/URL]
My Wondeful Creation ... [URL][/URL]
Mmmm ... secret pie [URL][/URL]
And I'll Tell You A Story... [URL][/URL]
Eyes That See ... [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 5
The Whole [URL][/URL]
Reunion [URL][/URL]
Help! I'm a Clown! [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 10
The Wandering White [URL][/URL]
"The Rider Mounts" [URL][/URL]
"Between the Walls" [URL][/URL]
Mind-Set and Match [URL][/URL]
Shadow Smoke [URL][/URL]
Reflections [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 15
"Diamond Bullets." [URL][/URL]
Rein Daesin [URL][/URL]
Requiem [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 20
Patchwork [URL][/URL]
Timeless [URL][/URL]
"Found Lost" [URL][/URL]
Desire [URL][/URL]
Solitude [URL][/URL] Winner SSC28
Escape [URL][/URL]

Forest Fan
The Sublime [URL][/URL]
Yours departed [URL][/URL]
The author and the butler [URL][/URL]

The Cell [URL][/URL]
Wally the Penguin [URL][/URL]
Batten Down the Hatches [URL][/URL]
Dragon [URL][/URL]
The Underpants Gnomes [URL][/URL]

All passengers are reminded... [URL][/URL]

Grix Thraves
Kumi's Diary [URL][/URL]
The Water Hole [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 3
Herbidie's True Love [URL][/URL]
Unnamed [URL][/URL]
Monster [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 8
The Clown [URL][/URL]
The Shoe Tree [URL][/URL]
Fear [URL][/URL]
Pete [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 13
Driving Home [URL][/URL]

Up [URL][/URL]
No chance [URL][/URL]
Dullan Grey [URL][/URL]
There not the same without Gravy: Dullan Grey goes to Hogwarts part one [URL][/URL]
You what!? Dullan Grey goes to Hogwarts part two [URL][/URL]
Nichole De Mort : Dullan Grey goes to Hogwarts Part Three [URL][/URL]
Waaaiiiigggghhhhhheeeeee!: Dullan Grey goes to Hogwarts, part four [URL][/URL]
Operation: The Other Woman: Dullan Grey goes to Hogwarts part 6. I think...... [URL][/URL]
Sleep [URL][/URL]
Fish. A dying mans last words [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL]
Who killed Dr. Flo? [URL][/URL]

Who paints a tear below their eye? I mean really! [URL][/URL]

Herr Dark Wolf
Two Children [URL][/URL]

*Highly Excitable*
The Mask [URL][/URL]

Traditional Sunday Lunch [URL][/URL]
Dear Diary [URL][/URL]
The Birthday Present [URL][/URL]
Prodigy [URL][/URL]
Tears of the unicorn [URL][/URL]
F.U.E.L. [URL][/URL]
Not a laughing matter [URL][/URL]
Insanity [URL][/URL]
False security [URL][/URL] Wiener S=SSC
The Train Journey [URL][/URL]
We Need To Make It To Camp [URL][/URL]
A sleepless night [URL][/URL]
The Cheiftains Daughter [URL][/URL]
Always [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 19
Anticipation [URL][/URL]
A love story? [URL][/URL]
Celebration [URL][/URL]
Sal [URL][/URL]
Trabos' Party [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL]
Emotional overload [URL][/URL]

The Wolves Kitchen [URL][/URL]

J Nash
Woe betide me [the slakke skinne aboute her nekke shakketh] [URL][/URL]

smv goes out for dinner [URL][/URL]
The Last Supper [URL][/URL]
Jake the stud [URL][/URL]
The Origins of Kilgore Trout and smv [URL][/URL]
A.R.P.F. [URL][/URL]
The Extraordinary Tale of How Jesus was Rescued from His Tomb [URL][/URL]

Fox et al. [URL][/URL]

The Night Watchman [URL][/URL]
The Skuewergolan [URL][/URL]
Raining [URL][/URL]
Song of the Seasons [URL][/URL]
Let's call it a Damned SSC 31: 'Enemy at one O'clock' and see if you reply [URL][/URL] :D

Jut Tink
I am the judger [URL][/URL]
Searching For A Vaccine On The Moors... [URL][/URL]

The Switch [URL][/URL]
Til death do us part [URL][/URL]

Lil Bro
Down By The Mill [URL][/URL]
Goldwell [URL][/URL]
One last cheesecake [URL][/URL]
The Mask of Mr Markopan [URL][/URL]
Between the walls [URL][/URL]

Lil Ginge
The Magic Monkey [URL][/URL]

Beast of Narancho [URL][/URL]

Love at first bite. [URL][/URL]
Who is she? [URL][/URL]
Used to be a normal guy... [URL][/URL]

The blood from broken hearts [URL][/URL]
Alien [URL][/URL]
Betrayal [URL][/URL]
Just Before Dawn
Road to nowhere [URL][/URL]
Promised land [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 24

Heirloom [URL][/URL]
Dust and Flame [URL][/URL]
Fuel [URL][/URL]
Closing comments to the human world [URL][/URL]
Here I Am [URL][/URL]
Free [URL][/URL]
Rungs [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 17
Flight [URL][/URL]

Meka Dragon
Codename: Magic Monkey [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 1
Regular Joe and the Grief-Mongers [URL][/URL]
The Ovrites Diet [URL][/URL]
One Hell of a Battenberg [URL][/URL]
A Matter of Time [URL][/URL]
Leech-Man [URL][/URL]
A New Power Source [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 9
So What Then? [URL][/URL]
Staircase of Depravity [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 12
Daydream Believer [URL][/URL]
Making Shapes [URL][/URL]
Where the date palm grow [URL][/URL]
Diamond Whites and Diamond Lights [URL][/URL]
Ginormous [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 18
Target Weight [URL][/URL]
Cheers Jamie! [URL][/URL]
War & Peace [URL][/URL]
Invisible Wires [URL][/URL]
Unique Treats [URL][/URL]
2 out of 3 ain't bad [URL][/URL]
Undying Love [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 25
Just Ask [URL][/URL]
The Old Oak on Grunty Fen Corner [URL][/URL]
Tea and Sympathy [URL][/URL]
Keep Taking Those Pills [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL] Winner SSC30
Push the Button [URL][/URL]
For Precious Gold! [URL][/URL]
Birdflu: The Musical [URL][/URL]

The broken shins of a man plagued by smallpox. [URL][/URL]

Oriental Rib
Save Me [URL][/URL]
A cold night in essex [URL][/URL]

Magic Monkey [URL][/URL]
The Dark Place [URL][/URL]
Spice [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 2
The Bachelor Party [URL][/URL]
The Two Pandas [URL][/URL]
Masquerade [URL][/URL]
The Black Baron [URL][/URL]
Following in Footsteps [URL][/URL]
A Coal Miner's Tale [URL][/URL]
How To Fight A Clown. [URL][/URL]
Rumours and Instinct [URL][/URL]
Finding a Purpose [URL][/URL]
Therapy [URL][/URL]
Blowing Smoke [URL][/URL]
A trip to the lake [URL][/URL]
Emotion Chips [URL][/URL]
Soulfinder [URL][/URL]
Landing [URL][/URL]
Addict [URL][/URL]
Plea [URL][/URL]
Pipe dreams [URL][/URL]
Malice & Contempt [URL][/URL]
Instinct [URL][/URL]
Prostitute Jelly [URL][/URL]
The bearded drone and the wolf [URL][/URL]
# Apprentice [URL][/URL]

George and the deep well [URL][/URL]
Interstellar Adventures in space [URL][/URL]
One Moment [URL][/URL]
They call me Leech [URL][/URL]
Over the edge [URL][/URL]
Hold on to the Love [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 14
Full Circle [URL][/URL]
Believe [URL][/URL]
This Room [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 21
Connection [URL][/URL]
Loss (a long short story) [URL][/URL]
Lilith's Lament [URL][/URL]
The Only One [URL][/URL]
Deep in a hole [URL][/URL]

The Lone Walker [URL][/URL]
The Darkest Hour [URL][/URL]
Hole In The Head [URL][/URL]

Temptation [URL][/URL]
Shimmer in the Water [URL][/URL]
Reflection [URL][/URL]
Vast [URL][/URL]
Red [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 7
Ambition [URL][/URL]
I don't owe you anything [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 11
Life's Songbird [URL][/URL]
Untitled [URL][/URL]
Whisked Away [URL][/URL]
Mundane [URL][/URL]
Hero [URL][/URL]
Finding Permanence [URL][/URL]
Dirty Wings [URL][/URL]
Journeys [URL][/URL]
Eternal Youth [URL][/URL]
Perfect, but a freak [URL][/URL]
Memories distant [URL][/URL]
I wish i was you [URL][/URL]
Bombed [URL][/URL]
Birth [URL][/URL]
Naivety [URL][/URL]
Let me be [URL][/URL]
One big clich [URL][/URL]
Happy Home [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 27
History of an Unknown [URL][/URL]
Another Tide Drowns Us... [URL]¤tsort=desc[/URL]
All Apologies [URL][/URL]
On a rainy day, in a rainy town, someone sleeps [URL][/URL]

Danny [URL][/URL]
Shadow Realm [URL][/URL]
The Vacuum Clown [URL][/URL]
Creatures [URL][/URL]

History and K-ak [URL][/URL]
Case Olympe [URL][/URL]

The Christmas Period ( the adventures of JimbobJones) [URL][/URL]

Siln Thundr
Fresh Death [URL][/URL]
Smokey Meadow [URL][/URL]
Dream World [URL][/URL]
Aequitas [URL][/URL]

I think Subline [URL][/URL]

Mission [URL][/URL]

Pedro's magic monkey trick [URL][/URL]
Disgruntled clowns [URL][/URL]
NiGhT RiDeR!!!!!! [URL][/URL]
uncertain waters [URL][/URL]
The "alchemist" [URL][/URL]

The Walls To Freedom [URL][/URL]

The Story of Jake's Clan [URL][/URL]
Those Crazy Olympians!! [URL][/URL]
Dark Tinted Glasses [URL][/URL]

Never go back [URL][/URL]
Out there [URL][/URL]
Loss [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 23
That Girl I Once Met [URL][/URL]
To Where Do You Run [URL][/URL] Winner SSC29
Boba Fett's Design For Life [URL][/URL]
A Sunset Across The Waves [URL][/URL] Winner SSC33

The Plains of the Damned [URL][/URL]
Artistic Justice [URL][/URL]

The Hibernator
The Veg Cupboard [URL][/URL]

The sagacious one
all's well that ends well [URL][/URL]
Then he cunningly did this :)
say cheese [URL][/URL]

Big Apple Blues [URL][/URL]
Beyond Our Reach [URL][/URL]
Fruits and suits [URL][/URL]
The Buzz [URL][/URL]
The Blade [URL][/URL]
The Moonlit Glade [URL][/URL]
Ride on Lightning Boy [URL][/URL]
Noble trades are no more [URL][/URL]
It's all gone [URL][/URL]
Is this life? [URL][/URL]

Ultima Weapon
Pit Fight [URL][/URL]

unknown kernel
At the Bottom of a Flask [URL][/URL] Winner SSC 31

The Legend of the Mysterious Well [URL][/URL]
The Supreme One [URL][/URL]

Secrets [URL][/URL]

Vertigo of Bliss [URL][/URL]
Wire in the Blood [URL][/URL]
Thu 17/11/05 at 20:54
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Well, looks like they're staying for a while at least, but who knows when it will disappear?
Tue 15/11/05 at 23:50
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Ok I will try. Because when is this closing down? Is it tonight?
Tue 15/11/05 at 21:26
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
C$ Bb wrote:
> I will start a new site on Geocities maybe and add the stories on
> there if you want?

If you can, that would be good.
Tue 15/11/05 at 21:25
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Ineedsleep wrote:
> Even if I saved all the stories what would I do with them?

Website, showcasing them. Or put them on one of the forums now springing up.

It may be, as Tony says, that Freeola will keep this site going, but its good to have a backup.
Tue 15/11/05 at 21:17
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Even if I saved all the stories what would I do with them?
Tue 15/11/05 at 19:47
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
I will start a new site on Geocities maybe and add the stories on there if you want?
Tue 15/11/05 at 19:05
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Now we know SR is closing, please can someone save the stories somewhere...

Mon 14/11/05 at 19:58
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Mon 14/11/05 at 19:35
Posts: 16,548
Now that's dedication. I'd like to see some of that from you, Jimmargh. Get to it.
Mon 14/11/05 at 18:10
Posts: 5,953
According to zzzz's profile, it was over 6 months between that post and his previous post.

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