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"Juice Box"

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Mon 03/01/05 at 14:12
"Kiss me..."
Posts: 11
Are you fed up of your parents getting you to turn down your music


Not getting your photos developed.


Not letting you watch what you want to watch?


…This is where JUICE BOX comes in.

The juice box is a unique pocket sized gadget. Which you can take with you whenever, wherever.

Why you ask, what’s so special about juice box?

Well here’s the good news…

…You can listen to YOUR music because the Juice Box is an MP3 Player.

You can download YOUR favourite pics straight off you digital or the net.


You can buy YOUR FAVOURITE cartoon cartages to watch on the move.

The juice box can be clipped to your belt which leaves your hands free to do other things…

…Even your homework!

First impression:

On first glance the Juice Box looks a little lo tech but once up and running the graphics are stunning for what it is. Handy and compact. Easy for young children to get to grips with. So the 8- 12 bracket they’re aiming at is in for a real treat.

Opinions within the age bracket:

Kids between 8-12 are in limbo because they don’t see themselves as little children any more and they’re not teenagers. The market is beginning to see this and has started introducing products that appeal to pre-teens.

Pros and Cons:

Although the Juice Box is highly priced with separately sold accessories Mattel’s handy work has a bigger screen than similar products on the market. It also uses more compact media. The ability to play back photos and MP3’s is a major factor to all pre-teens. The Juice Box also offers more capability in a small space and will take any SD or MMC card up to and including 512 MB. At the moment there are eighteen titles available, matching headphones and belt bag. In the foreseeable Mattel are thinking of even launching a Juice Box with interchangeable covers.

Advantages for kids and parents:

Do you ever get bored when your parents take you on long journeys or shopping trips?

Juice Box is the ultimate in boredom busting, sitting in the backseat watching Ed, Edd and Eddy without having a T.V to hand or listening to your favourite album while pushing the shopping trolley with your mum. Without the dreaded ‘Are you finished yet?’ ‘My feet hurt’ ‘Can we go home, I’m bored!’ I’m sure all parents across the world know what I mean.

All in all the Juice Box was at the top of my Christmas list!
Thu 06/01/05 at 13:12
Posts: 9,808
Mr. Alex wrote:
> Why is it called Juice Box?

Because it's made from recycled fruit juice cartons.
Thu 06/01/05 at 13:10
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
doesnt happen to me.. as i live away from my parents thank GOD!
Wed 05/01/05 at 22:27
"Who Hell He?"
Posts: 363
OMG I am a parent, how did that happen....aaaaaaaaaaaaargh
Wed 05/01/05 at 20:51
"Kiss me..."
Posts: 11
Oh well scold me! Exactly what do you dissaprove of?
Wed 05/01/05 at 17:49
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Oof! Consider yourselves reprimanded!
Wed 05/01/05 at 17:47
"Kiss me..."
Posts: 11
How about you be quiet, just because you're not mature enough to read someone's post without being small minded and pathetic, replying nonscense does not give you the right to be rude. Read the rules no abusive or offensive replies or at least something to that affect. Grow up and move on.
Tue 04/01/05 at 17:49
"'i need a weapon'"
Posts: 37
OR you could buy a mustek pvr-a1 media centre off special reserve...
Mon 03/01/05 at 17:50
Posts: 2,464
Be quiet.
Mon 03/01/05 at 17:44
"Kiss me..."
Posts: 11
Look i'm a girl, this is my account but i'm writing it for my little brother.
Mon 03/01/05 at 14:39
Posts: 219
Why is it called Juice Box?

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