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"I'm lucky to be alive."

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Wed 29/12/04 at 03:26
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914
After persuading me to go out for dinner tonight, my friend's boyfriend offered to take us clubbing. We was going to a club in Rochester which is half hour drive from my house, straight down the A2.

After picking up two of my friends boyfriend's, mates we all bundled into his saxo. We'd just got on to the motorway when we hit traffic, about 20 cars in front of us there was an accdient. We was there for about an hour, playing eye-spy, then suddenly we got moving.

Somehow we got ahead of the rest of the cars, and so had the whole motorway ahead of us. I was sitting looking out my window, cramped between some dude and the left side of the car thinking about dancing and clubbing for the 3rd time this week.

Out of nowhere came another car, in front of us. My friends boyfriend swerved to avoid it but it still hit us. We went spinning from fast lane into the slow lane and hit one of them metal things (right now i can't think for the life of me what they are called) which stop cars going over the sides. Anyways, we went sideways into them and now my shulder is all bruised and my head hurts-ALOT.

We jumped out the car and looked at the mess on the motorway. My coat which was in the boot was about 10 meters away and in the middle lane, and my bag which was on my lap was another 10 meters away. My mate's boyfriend told us that a car was coming in the opposite direction. I'm no expert on cars, but there was at least 3 write-off's, including the Saxo.

I remember everything about the crash, and my mate don't. I'm still trying to work out which is a better way to have it. I've spent the last 3-ish hours running it through in my head and crying.

Me and my friend, and her boyfriend all went to hospital. My mum and dad came to pick me up and got told that the other driver was an 82 year old man, driving the wrong way on the motorway. He died. I also got told I was very lucky to be alive.

Anyways. Sorry to bore you all, just had to get that off my chest no jokes please, not in the mood
Tue 11/01/05 at 14:11
Posts: 23,284
I agree, so does my grampa actually. He gave it up a few years back when he nearly hit a traffic island which he didn't even see. Just one incident but it was enough to let him know he wasn't in complete control.
Mon 10/01/05 at 19:27
"Slice n Dice baby"
Posts: 135
I hate to say it, but old people really cant drive for S***. They should have to take tests again more often, because seriously, they are lethal on the roads, and i know!

I get lifts with my mate (his car) to/from where we meet friends, which is 20 minute drive away, down a motorway etc...

I cant count the number of times we've almost slammed into the back of a car because it was doing 10MPH down a 40MPH stretch...we over take it, and what a surprise, its an old person! They cant let go of the steering wheel, which means they stay in 1st the whole time, and their reaction times are like 2-3 seconds, its ludacrous.

Sounds cruel, but old people shouldnt be allowd to drive.

Im very sorry to hear about your accident. I would say sorry about the old man, but thats his fault. If he wasnt in a fit state to drive then he shouldnt have been. He could have cost you and your friends their lifes for christs sake, he deserved it as far as im concerned!

Sounds harsh, but just wait until your behind the wheel, you'd be suprised how often you end up swearing at rubbish drivers who turn out to be ol'folks.
Mon 10/01/05 at 12:17
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763

Well good for you. Was no one badly injured in the car? Nothing broken?

That must have been a real shock to the system, hope your all ok. And the insurance company is nice to his car.
Mon 10/01/05 at 04:16
Posts: 11,024
Puddin™ wrote:
> Out of nowhere came another car, in front of us.

I'll get you next time.
Thu 30/12/04 at 16:16
Posts: 20,776
Miserableman wrote:
> Basically your friends are trying to gain a few quid out of a tragic
> situation. While the accident was his fault, the driver of the
> oncoming vehicle was killed in the crash, while your friends walked
> away. Outside of being a bit shaken up your friends have lost
> nothing, and anything they have lost is covered by insurance. To try
> and use this situation for profit is imo pretty immoral.

Well, you know what Bernard said in 'Day of the Tentacle'. If you want to do well in life, you've got to push a few old ladies down the stairs.

I wouldn't consider it immoral. What happens, god forbid, if she was to suffer from unseen injuries at a later date.

That old gipper might have bitten the big one, but he nearly caused the death of many other people.

And hey, our corrupt society says that there is no such thing as an accident, and somewhere there is a nice fat cheque waiting to be claimed. New car? Holiday? A conservatory? Or just fancy getting a head start in a nice cocaine addiction? Were you in an accident in the last 5 years? Is there a slim chance that you were not to blame? Sue a big faceless corporation! After all, they wouldn't have any qualms about shafting you, might as well get some free coin for your trouble.

Remember, if they ask, you wake up screaming every night, you're in excrutiating pain 25 hours a day and your gold fish died of grief.

Ching Ching Ching
Thu 30/12/04 at 13:40
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914
Fed up of feeling cynical? Send £5 to the address provided overleaf and we'll tell you how to feel better.
Thu 30/12/04 at 13:34
"Wanking Mong"
Posts: 4,884
Mr Snuggly wrote:

> The cynicism on this board amazes me sometimes,

Actually, I rather like the high level of cynicism.

It's the lack of any corresponding thought that's so depressing.
Thu 30/12/04 at 13:29
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> Hold up... Pudding is English Bloke? Hmm, I thought it was a girl.

As has been said, I am a girl, mostly. But every now and then that studmuffin hunk of man comes to visit me and is too lazy to keep signing in and out and therefore posts on my account.

Oh and Sleepy, it's a mans shoulder bag!
Thu 30/12/04 at 12:57
Posts: 11,038
Light wrote:
> Have I got this right? Are you persisting in the bizarre accusation
> that she made this up?

No, I'm arguing against it. I just didn't read the story, I figured it was another story brought up (like teh last one), that was trying to say she'd made it up.

But, now I've read it, I retract my comment.
Thu 30/12/04 at 12:52
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> Hold up... Pudding is English Bloke? Hmm, I thought it was a girl.

I'm sorry but this made me chuckle. It was the mental image of EB losing his handbag on the motorway :D

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