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"Speed kills, use a stylus"

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Thu 16/12/04 at 16:29
"Nintendo RIP"
Posts: 35
Using a stylus is one way of slowing motorists down might increase accidents though. Still it's revolutionary, i've got one with my pda funny that.
Sun 19/12/04 at 21:26
Posts: 11,038
So, all those PSP owners will be driving their car at a regular speed whilst they play?
Sat 18/12/04 at 19:02
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Domaye wrote:
> i believe the "cool people" say pawnd or pwnd

Anybody that says that just cba to type all the letters.
Sat 18/12/04 at 15:40
Posts: 1,204
i believe the "cool people" say pawnd or pwnd
Fri 17/12/04 at 14:03
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Top Score = PWNED.
Fri 17/12/04 at 13:55
Posts: 1,625
Yeah, he has bad breath, must be talking out of his ass! :D
Fri 17/12/04 at 13:36
Posts: 7,741

While you, Top Score don't. So you are critising something you have no idea about really. Now sew up your ass hole before it speaks again.
Fri 17/12/04 at 11:24
Posts: 14,437
Yes, he has. A lot of us do actually.
Fri 17/12/04 at 10:49
"Nintendo RIP"
Posts: 35
JC941 wrote:
> It works. Thats what matters. The thumbstrap provides excellent contol
> just as the stylus does.

Have you actually got a DS?
Fri 17/12/04 at 10:48
Posts: 7,741
Macintosh wrote:
> Not sold on the "thumb strap" idea yet.

How can you tell if you haven't even used it yet?
Fri 17/12/04 at 10:39
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
It works. Thats what matters. The thumbstrap provides excellent contol just as the stylus does.

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