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"Blade Trinity (spoilers)"

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Sat 11/12/04 at 23:42
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- Hannibal King's inclusion into the storyline. This was a nod to the comics.
- Casting Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King. I didn't expect much from a guy with credits mainly being "Van Wilder" and "2 Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place", but he really impressed me, and he definately had the look for the role. If you ask me, he stole the show, even from Snipes, who seemed pretty sub-standard when compared. I mean, the lines he was given were just pretty damn fantastic most of the time. His character was a great device to break the tension.
- Blade's entrance. I heard there was a long, drawn-out sequence at the start, but to be honest, it wasn't that long (maybe 4 or 5 minutes), and then we're straight in, with a vampire HQ being blown to smithereens, and Blade emerging. It really got me in the mood for the rest of the film. Quite marvellous.
- Goyer's braveness. I say this in that there's a scene where Blade is chasing Drake over rooftops and through buildings. Fans of the first two films will know that the tone of the first two is predominantly dark, and you'll be hard pressed to find a scene that is in brightness, but this scene is very bright. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if a blue/white filter was placed in there. It made it look like a music video, again, but still, I admire Goyer taking a liberty in terms of the visuals here.
- The way they bashed President Bush made me laugh for a bit, in that it was quite subtle.
- How hung out the final scene was. I mean, there was three main enemies left to kill, not to mention a plethora of generic vampires, and thankfully, they didn't make this a dead-on 90 minutes flick, and allowed for some decent scenes here, and took their time.

- Triple H. Whilst his screen prescence was pretty good (he's no small guy), being a WWE fan, I actually laughed quite a bit when he was on-screen.
- Gratuitous swearing. Were "We were ***-raped" and "****-juggler" really needed?
- Dominic Purcell as Drake. He just didn't look right, especially with the shaved head. He barely gave a feel of being Dracula at all.
- Dracula's "pure" form. It just looked like a guy in a suit.
- How quickly everyone got over Whistler's death. I would've liked a little more in terms of emotional development from Blade and Abigail.
- The editing. It just felt very choppy, something I would expect from Paul "W.S." Anderson. Not to mention, one scene in particular, where we have a split screen of Hannibal and Blade beating some people up rather irritated me, and it almost felt as though Goyer was directing a music video. This is a particular shame, as Goyer wrote all three films, and one would think that he'd be half-decent at giving directing a go, even if it was his first attempt.
- The i-Pod plugs. I heard quite bad things about this, but it wasn't half as bad as people said. Sure, there was no need for it, and it was just a few million in Goyer's pocket, but it didn't really destroy the flow of the film in the same way that Fed Ex killed Cast Away. And hell, it made way for a reasonably funny moment involving Hannibal King and David Hassellhoff.
- Character development. Now, the first Blade film did an amazing job in translating the comic book to another medium, and really dove into the mythos and story behind Blade. The sequel continued this, if to a lesser extent, but Trinity felt almost as though there was barely any whatsoever, even from the new characters, such as King and Whistler. Sure, King had some slight background information divulged (mainly about him being an ex-vampire, and that's it), but Abigail had even less.
- Hannibal King, and his...erm...body hair. There's a point in the film where King shows his body mark that familiars have, and well, it's quite near his crotch, so naturally, we saw some of know, HAIR. Not really neccessary at all, and I'd've felt a lot more comfortable had it been an inch or show more up his stomach. We see the marking again later, but thankfully, it's not near half as generous.
- Biel's Abigail Whistler character should've been given a lot more in terms of speech. I mean, King got a LOT of lines (more than Blade himself, I believe), but in total, I think that Biel only spoke around 5-10 lines.
- It seems that these days, the film producers love to dumb their films down, just to sell more tickets. It happened to AvP, and it'll happen to films in the future. Granted, if Goyer wanted the film to be a 15, and wrote it to be that way, fine, but given that the first two were far gorier, and therefore earned their 18 rating, I find that a tad unlikely. I suspect some studio pressure was put on, but I'll have to see. I eagerly await some deleted scenes on the DVD, which, even though the film was nothing on the first, and about (I emphasise ABOUT) as good as the second, I'll still be catching this when it comes out, as I already have the first two in my DVD collection.
- The ever-present film cliche of not killing the main character when they have the chance. Of course, it's just a film, but I was actually rooting for Blade to die in this film (not before the virus wipes out all of the vampires, of course).
- The script. How in the hell did Goyer write a film so understated after writing an amazing first film, and a very enjoyable sequel? It almost appears as though he tried to give it the cheesiest script possible, and sabotage the series. After all, the last film will leave a lasting impression on fans of the trilogy, it being the final film, and all. At least Parker Posey's character whined about this, so it's not as though Goyer didn't realise he was creating a cliche.
- Dracula's cowardice. I didn't really like how Drake backed down, and allowed Blade to live. It's not the sort of thing I'd expect from a Blade villain, given that Dorff's and v*****-face's characters were both damn relentless.
- Loose ends not being tied up. Where the hell did the little girl go, for example. I guess it's not a huge gripe, but it would it've been too much skin off of Goyer's nose to just have her walking past, or something?
- Vampire dogs. Other than being curious, I don't really see the point in infecting another species, and having them use up the seemingly valuable food source for vampires. It's not so much a bad thing, but seemed kinda random and weird.
- Why, for the love of God, did they not kill Blade off? It would've been quite excellent and fitting had the virus wiped out every vampire, INCLUDING Blade, and it would work in the way that Blade had sacrified himself to save the humans. Instead, it seemed as though they went for a Mickey Mouse ending, and left it open in a sense.
- Where was all the great fighting? The first two had some brilliant fighting, but this film only had a really breath-taking fight scene at the end, where Blade kicked all kind of butt.
Fri 17/12/04 at 07:51
Posts: 2,781
Methinks he's confused between Drake and Jarko.
Fri 17/12/04 at 00:20
"Pouch Ape"
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Yuri_Fan wrote:
> monkey_man wrote:
> I want Hoff to be the Master vampire, biting virgins necks and stuff
> like that. He'd be great, he has natural presence and would
> probably
> file down his teeth to get a part in a film.
> I've seen the trailer, and it's Triple H as Jake somebody. What did that have to do with what I was saying?
Fri 17/12/04 at 00:14
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um ryan reynolds was pretty crap, he got vaguely funny in the scene were he was captured but thats about it there were embarassing silences in the cinema for his earlier jokes.

I didn't go to the cinema with the intention of seeing an oscar winning film and it did its job of keeping me entertained! was a bit of a no brainer but hey thats what i felt like watching and fully expected after a commercialised and cheesy second film, though i enjoyed the first a lot.
Thu 16/12/04 at 22:17
"allardini's tagline"
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I don't see why so many critics are having a go at it: saw it today and its bloody great, not as good as the first one but still as good as the second. The action was still good enough, the attitude good, and the script only patchy in places where they have to make the great Blade Formula work.
Wed 15/12/04 at 20:31
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I was so disappointed with this film. All swearing and not enough action! I definetly won't be adding it to my DVD collection.
Wed 15/12/04 at 16:31
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I thought the dogs were pretty lame, as in that it was kinda gimmicky, and not really needed as a plot device. And some of the film was borderline slapstick.
Wed 15/12/04 at 14:05
"serenity now!"
Posts: 527

What was that shape changing thing all about? So "Drake" (I hated that stupid name) could change form into another human. He does this once for two seconds when it wasn't really necessary anyway. Kinda pointless.

The dogs with the mouths were pretty cool though, and it was pretty good overall. About the same as the second I reckon as well, maybe a little worse.
Wed 15/12/04 at 08:49
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Can't wait to see this to be honest, massive fan of the first two.
Wed 15/12/04 at 08:34
Posts: 2,781
Jarko Grimwood.
Wed 15/12/04 at 02:13
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
monkey_man wrote:
> I want Hoff to be the Master vampire, biting virgins necks and stuff
> like that. He'd be great, he has natural presence and would probably
> file down his teeth to get a part in a film.

I've seen the trailer, and it's Triple H as Jake somebody.

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