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"As the only Manics fan of the forum"

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Thu 09/12/04 at 23:06
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And possibly my town, I feel I should mention The Holy Bible is being re-issued (sell outs, more money for pies etc).

Anyway, it's bleak as hell but still damn good.

Got a few extra stuff as well, which is alright.
Sun 19/12/04 at 02:34
Posts: 23,284
I'm not really fond of either.
Sun 19/12/04 at 01:58
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
Razorlight, at the minute, > Manics.

Sun 19/12/04 at 00:57
Posts: 42
Was crap they they cancelled, but at least (hopefully) Razorlight won't be supporting them.

I'd love to see 'The Faint' supporting them.

I've not heard the American mix of THB but I have a copy of the Canadian one...somewhere.

Roll on the 12th of January.
Mon 13/12/04 at 23:41
Posts: 23,284
Gig cancelled... damn ye.
Mon 13/12/04 at 06:29
"Acid Casual"
Posts: 3,038
Sat 11/12/04 at 15:03
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
I really quite like them.
Sat 11/12/04 at 13:13
Posts: 23,284
Not on The Holy Bible they aren't.
Sat 11/12/04 at 12:44
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
"I'm the only Manics fan in the village."

They're just so boring and slow and urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh...
Sat 11/12/04 at 12:27
"Pouch Ape"
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Saw them at Glastonbury years ago before they got fully bloated, and more importantly before they came out with the drivel they product now. Got to hear most of The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go live.
Fri 10/12/04 at 23:23
Posts: 18,487
I was going tonight or last night but didn't go because i've been ill all week, and i still like There By The Grace Of God best.

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