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"What's with . . ."

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Sun 28/11/04 at 17:26
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
. . . all the newbies at the moment? Normally there's only a few that are regular but now there's about a dozen+ of them.
Sun 28/11/04 at 23:23
Posts: 11,597
Crumble wrote:
> For some strange reason I always assumed SMV was a women.
> Sorry mate. Laugh at my failings.

They all have femanine names.

SMV, Kilgore Trout, Bob...
Sun 28/11/04 at 21:57
Posts: 5,953
Hey, you could be right but I'd be surprised.
Sun 28/11/04 at 21:56
Posts: 2,048
For some strange reason I always assumed SMV was a women.

Sorry mate. Laugh at my failings.
Sun 28/11/04 at 21:54
Posts: 5,953
Crumble wrote:
> Step in SMV and her crew of regulars to save the day.

Sun 28/11/04 at 21:53
Posts: 2,048
I think it's a conspiracy.

Dr. Azul has cloned himself numerous times, under different names, and is trying to take over the SR forums.

Step in SMV and his crew of regulars to save the day.

The end.

It's a mini-adventure.
Sun 28/11/04 at 21:48
Posts: 129
It takes quite alot to become a regular when you think about it.
Sun 28/11/04 at 20:27
Posts: 3,505
who the hell where you?

But an even more important questions is, why do I care?
Sun 28/11/04 at 20:13
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
I was a regular but I forgot my password :(
Oh well,m only about 317 posts away from regularity :)
Sun 28/11/04 at 18:00
"wow look at me go"
Posts: 176
newbies should be proud of who they are some ppl deserve to be boosted up in the ranks some regulars don't deserve it sometimes
Sun 28/11/04 at 17:55
"Retarded List"
Posts: 642
I've been posting on this forum for well over a year now, yet I'm still a 'Newbie'. *sigh*

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