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Mon 22/11/04 at 13:10
"Don't let me down"
Posts: 626

Does make you think a bit.
Sun 05/12/04 at 01:12
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
I think The Confederate should stick to geopolitical situations and thoughts he can spell before inflicting his brainwrong on bipeds.
Sat 04/12/04 at 22:49
Posts: 944
,o, wrote:
> Religion.
> love it or hate it
> people have the choice in what to believe, but it's the cause to alot
> of distress and suffering in the world

I agree, I have nothing against religion but you would have thought that whatever religion people are we would all have learnt to get on by now, it's the 21st century for goodness sake.
Sat 04/12/04 at 22:24
Posts: 2,774
As regards to 'The Confederate's little half-speech -

You go on about one man being beheaded, and that alone being enough for us to hate them, but what about the other way round? We kill far more of them than they do of us, and as a result the feeling is very mutual.

Think US Marines do it quick and cleanly on the battlefield? Most of them need to be screwed up to be in the taskforce anyhow. They trained to 'not care', and simply kill what they're told to kill. It's as if you come across an injured mouse on the floor. Most of us would be tempted to 'poke' it or do anything to it, whereas only the minority would send it off into the distance instead of playing with it.

It's the same thing out there, but the 'mice' are real people.
Sat 04/12/04 at 21:26
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
It's a shame that all this has to happen in the world and it would be nice if everyone could get one but because of greed and peoples choices of Religion it can never really happen. i personally don't have a religion but i repect other peoples and would never judge them on it.

one thing i will say about The Confederate i would agree with him that if there is a world war 3 i would much rather be fighting than waiting to see if we win. but i would only fight if it was for something not to just go into a country and funk up everything for them. it would have to be to protect something dear to me.
Sat 04/12/04 at 20:23
"I'm busy"
Posts: 392

love it or hate it
people have the choice in what to believe, but it's the cause to alot of distress and suffering in the world
Wed 24/11/04 at 21:36
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
The Confederate wrote:
> I aint no NAZI.

So you are one then? Stupid bloody retard.
Wed 24/11/04 at 21:20
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
The Confederate wrote:
> stuff

yeah, great, all terrorists are evil. Yes.

All Iraq and Iran are terrorists? er, no.
Wed 24/11/04 at 20:42
Posts: 15,443
You can be our new Belldandy/Forest Fan by the way.
Wed 24/11/04 at 20:38
Posts: 15,443
A Muslim girl suffered extreme mental torment last year as some diehard Christian forced her to recite passages from the Bible, as well as denounce her own religion as fake. She was also forced to do some weird things like scratching the cross off her face.

What you are saying now, and this has been said a million times before in some form or other, is that because a small handful of a particular region is responsible, the entire area should be wiped out? On this account, every Christian in the Uk should be killed "in case" one decides to denounce another's faith.

Try not to read everything Western based i.e. there are 2, often more sides to every story. Obviously it's a bit too late for you, but maybe you should try reading up on other opinions, the press in different countries (bar the US and UK). It's hard at first to accept, but I'm sure you can grasp the concept. Good luck.
Wed 24/11/04 at 20:32
"The South Will Rise"
Posts: 227
I aint no NAZI. Do not and would never do is support any part like the BNP or NF: It is disrespectful of what many of my family members endured and fought against, and I respect that they fought for my freedom to live in a safe free society.... (SIMILAR to what Bush and Blair is doing for the Iraqies, and the world, create a safe society)

What I keep on saying is that I support the war on terror. These people that were fighting against aint nice people, who deserve to wiped out. If they were white terrorists they also deserve to be killed.

These people in fallujah are evil b******s. You get these commie idiots saying what nice people they are. Well lets ask Kennith Bigly and many others they have beheaded. If you were sent over there and saw them face to face, and they tried beheading you, i'm sure you would share an opinion that they all need to be killed. (P.s That has never happened to me), and also I aint ignorant, I just share a different view than you.

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