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"I can't feel my tounge"

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Mon 15/11/04 at 13:14
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That was possibly the worst injection ever.

I was at dentist, right into my bottom gum and I could feel it flow through my mouth, was horrible.

Now I can't talk.
Wed 17/11/04 at 12:41
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I had to have a couple of teeth out when I was at College. Anyway, the appointtment fell while we were off at College and I had agreed to do some extra hours in the part time job I was doing. My boss would only let me have half a day off. So I trundled to the dentist had them pulled and had to be back at work before the anesthetic even had chance to wear off. I apologise to any customers I helped that day, as with my dribbling and incoherent speech, they must have concluded that I was either stoned, very drunk or retarded.
Wed 17/11/04 at 12:00
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Solskjśr wrote:
> Ever had your balls go numb? God, that's weird!

Yes, from a bike saddle.

> I've never had pins-'n'-needles there, though - that's a scary
> though! :S

You haven't? You should try it some time, just make sure you soak them in hot water first so you don't catch anything.
Wed 17/11/04 at 11:58
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
Ever had your balls go numb? God, that's weird!

I've done it before from sitting in an uncomfortable position for too long an amount of time; usually on a long journey or slow day, or something.

I've never had pins-'n'-needles there, though - that's a scary though! :S
Tue 16/11/04 at 22:15
Posts: 10,759
I love those injections, mainly because i can;t actually see them...

And you can get people to punch you in the face after tham.. and you don't feel a thing :-)
Tue 16/11/04 at 22:10
Posts: 23,284
When I was 10 I had to have a baby tooth taken out as my adult one was beginning to grow in.

Not enough pain relief, I could feel the drill on my nerve.

Tue 16/11/04 at 22:02
"es argh"
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Oh noes.

This has reminded me of my last dentist trip, same injection, but not strong enough.

The drilling, neeeeeoooooowwww, and that water sucker thingy. All done with me having teeth sensitive to hot and cold, and that fooking noise sounding like a scratched blackboard.

Now my chewy teeth hurt whenever I eat, I shall never return to that pain house, ever.
Mon 15/11/04 at 22:29
"+34 Intellect"
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My mouth is aching, my wisdom teeth have been coming through and are so damn pointy that they are ulcerating my cheeks.
Mon 15/11/04 at 22:18
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no at least i think
Mon 15/11/04 at 22:11
"Stridman in disguis"
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Was it to have Root Canal?
Mon 15/11/04 at 21:43
Posts: 23,284
Oi, it was terrible.

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