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"That train crash"

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Mon 08/11/04 at 22:14
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What a selfish git that guy was if he was indeed topping himself.

Tue 09/11/04 at 13:03
"Chavez, just hush.."
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SHEEPY wrote:
> What a selfish git that guy was if he was indeed topping himself.

It took them long enough to come to that conclusion too, the officer said on that night that he saw the car stationary on the tracks and then the barriers coming down, it took them 2 days to even mention suicide.

I don't think the driver would have expected it to be this bad though, I think he would have expected the train to hit and kill him, but then to carry on.

Just look at some of this stuff, the trains were all fine. I think this is what the guy must have wanted:


I've seen a video of a massive freight train hitting a lorry in America, the lorry gets absolutely destroyed but the train is fine and stays on the tracks.

The difference here is that the trains are 'lightweight' and can't take such an impact.
Tue 09/11/04 at 11:03
"gsybe you!"
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BECAUSE THEY CARE. And don't just want to hijcak puclic sentiment.
Tue 09/11/04 at 10:19
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" Oh... it's not okay to show this now but we'll wait a bit and then show it "

Stupid censorship crap.
Tue 09/11/04 at 08:30
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It'd probably be the last thing you'd want to do in that situation.
Tue 09/11/04 at 08:28
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But what moron in their right mind would watch H20 - a horror flick about a dude with a knife - if they were affected by the beheading?
Tue 09/11/04 at 03:43
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It's usually something I wanted to watch when an event happens and they cancel it. I guess no one will hold it again channel 5 for taking off 'When Trains Crash'. One instance that I thought wasnt needed was Halloween H20 was cancelled because a day before that Ken Bigsley(s/p) guy got beheaded and in H20 I think Michael Myers gets killed by having his head chopped off. I don't think they had to cancel that I mean it was on late at night anyway no one would have cared, plus I wanted to see that (nothing else on)
Mon 08/11/04 at 22:58
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It annoys me when they change programs, not that I'd have watched them anyay.

They'll stick them back on in a few weeks.
Mon 08/11/04 at 22:49
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Of all days there should be a train crash it's a day before ITV show 'The Railway Children' and 2 days before C5 show their 'When Trains Crash' documentary program. Both shows were cancelled I believe.

If it was a suicide (sorry I havent kept up to day with it) then that's obviously even worse than an accident. How terrible for those involved.
Mon 08/11/04 at 22:36
"+34 Intellect"
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I imagine the doors would also be locked.
Mon 08/11/04 at 22:25
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Maybe he didn't fancy getting smashed by the train.

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