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Mon 08/11/04 at 20:48
"everyone must die!"
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i went the other day and absolutely loved it. i was wondering if their was some cheap (around 100) markers that would still be powerful and accurate and not just drop out the barrel. The proffesional markers cost over a thousand quid and i need to know if there is much difference between the very expensive markers and the cheap ones. Ive heard that there is a limit to how fast the paintballs can leave the barrel and so this makes the cheaper version be the same power and not be ridicously slow. Could any one reccomend sum gd equipment for me to get and some nice paintgrenades, smoke grenades that are gd to use and cheap.
Tue 09/11/04 at 14:41
"Monster kill!"
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I want to go to paintballing, but everywhere around me you have to be 14 to play :(
My friends went the other day, and all came back with bruises everywhere! its hilarious.
Tue 09/11/04 at 09:39
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I went once for a mates stag do. Go shot once, right between the eyes. I was hiding behind a bush & it came straight through. Totally covered my visor.
Mon 08/11/04 at 23:50
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lcarus wrote:
> Please don't shoot at birds, animals and small children.

Don't worry, he will be pointing it at me heh.
Nah I went paintballing with some college mates and it hurt. They had the really powerful guns. I hid behind a tree, being cocky and shot everyone, then got shot in the thumb and it split my thumb open.
Got shot in the back and it stunned me for about 5 seconds, then got shot in the head and dived to shoot someone and landed on a load of horse hurt heh.
Mon 08/11/04 at 23:26
Posts: 48
It bloody smarts when you get shot in the back of the neck.
Mon 08/11/04 at 21:27
Posts: 317
I went to Mayhem recently (its in A-Bridge) and my friend got shot straight in the balls! Ouch!

He said it had drawn blood when he went to check the damage...I got shot in the ass in every game. I was not happy >:(
Mon 08/11/04 at 21:21
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Don't worry, im going for old women and post office clerks.
Mon 08/11/04 at 21:19
Posts: 15,443
Please don't shoot at birds, animals and small children.
Mon 08/11/04 at 21:02
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
You can usually find a decent marker on ebay. The expensive guns fire at ridiculous rates, i think i saw one that could fire over 100 a second.

This one looks decent [URL][/URL] might bid on it myself actually.
Mon 08/11/04 at 20:56
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That's what I was saying.
Mon 08/11/04 at 20:51
Posts: 922
Coin wrote:
> Scratch that, just fools.

ie, Americans.

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