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"Revenge Of The Sith Trailer"

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Mon 08/11/04 at 19:11
"A Ghost Of You"
Posts: 795
Anyone catch the trailer for the new Star Wars movie? It's on the official Star Wars website now, looks pretty good at the moment, not to much of the storyline given away so far.

Your views?
Thu 11/11/04 at 17:03
Posts: 18,185
I admit the recent movies aren't a patch on the original trilogy but I do enjoy them and find them nice films. I don't see them as "bad movies", just not as good. And that is hardly a massive criticism.

Episode 3 is of course going to rule, it is going to make the other 2 look better too.
Thu 11/11/04 at 14:46
Posts: 6,592
I watched Attack of the Clones the other day and quite enjoyed it actually, save for the pouty, angst-ridden teen Darth and the flying R2-D2. Episode III was always going to be the best of the three prequels though, wasn't it? Tieing the whole six films together and all?

James Earl Jones
Proper Stormtroopers
Sam Jackson throwing down
A robot with three arms (and three lightsabres, natch)

Yeah, it'll be alright. Some dude on has apparently seen a rough cut (minus a few CG shots and the like) and said he loved it, right behind Empire as his favourite. I just pray they right some wrongs and have a proper rogueish Solo-type character in there. One who's not afraid to shoot first.
Thu 11/11/04 at 14:04
"Wanking Mong"
Posts: 4,884
To be honest, I still enjoyed the recent two films but I don't think they come even close to the standard of the original trilogy.

Totally agree about KOTOR having more soul about them than either Menace or Clones.
Thu 11/11/04 at 12:22
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Dringo wrote:
> I enjoyed the recent star wars movies. I do believe that you just
> can't handle new star wars films. Even if it was great you wouln't
> appreciate it.

Can't handle them? What, the insipid love story, the poor characterization, the poor script, the fact that if you say something bad about them fanboys scream their defense?

It's not just because I'm getting older, Nemo, Monsters Inc etc make me grin like a kid, and I thouroughly enjoy them, but Lucas has created a series of prequels that have a pale shadow of the spectacle and entertainment of the originals. The CGI is partly to blame, as I'd rather see a creature made of laytex with on screen "weight" than slick and fluid CGI that has never felt right.
Thu 11/11/04 at 11:34
Posts: 18,185
I enjoyed the recent star wars movies. I do believe that you just can't handle new star wars films. Even if it was great you wouln't appreciate it.
Thu 11/11/04 at 08:26
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Goatboy wrote:
> Jake The Muss losing a fight to Space-Renton.

Hehehhe. "Make the man some eeeggs woman!"

> Man, it's gotta suck to realise that Bioware had a better plot for a
> videogame than you could come up with after 20years of thinking.
> Better graphics too.
> And acting.

Exactly what I thought. It took KOTOR to realise that Star Wars could be fun and involving. It had a better plot, characterization, moer excitement , far more care and damn, more soul that any of the prequels I've seen....
Thu 11/11/04 at 07:37
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
You're not wrong Tilt.
I initially tried to convince myself I enjoyed it, I denied my true feelings until I bought the DVD and watched it again in case the good bits were in the deleted scenes.
They weren't. It was plain that Phantom Menace was like watching a retard play the videogame on a display unit in a shop.
Phantom Menace presented Darth Vader as a snivelling weenie, not the awesome figure of power and fear we all know and love.
A bounty hunter that hires bounty hunters to do some death.
A Ray Harryhausen monster-finale.
Jake The Muss losing a fight to Space-Renton.
Comedy droid moments.
More Jar-Jar.
Even Samuel L Jackson was wasted, and that's a bloke that can just stand still and be cooler than The Fonz.

Episode 3 will be another tedious journey through the brain-dead head of Lucas, with Obi-Wan barely surpressing a smirk (watch the Kamino section in Phantom), Mathilda looking hot but strangely sexless and more comedy droids.
I'm not falling for seeing Chewbacca and his hairy brethren fight, I've done that in Knights of The Old Republic.

Man, it's gotta suck to realise that Bioware had a better plot for a videogame than you could come up with after 20years of thinking.
Better graphics too.
And acting.
Wed 10/11/04 at 23:49
Posts: 21,800
Episode 1 was damn awful, not a really memorable scene in the entire film except maybe Darth Maul at the end, but even that wasn't much to shout about.

The only thing Episode 2 did right was take that stupid hat off Natalie Portman and put her into a tight jump suit. Other than that not even Yoda could save that crapfest.
Wed 10/11/04 at 23:15
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
No, it was trite badly written toss more interested in stringing set-pieces together with little thought to plot/dialogue/characterisation or sense.
Midichlorians? Lucas, hello? Hello? You seem to have dropped that plot point somewhere between the films. Is it behind the CGI sofa along with everything that we liked about the original films?

You need to do more than throw a couple of things from the original films into ROTS to repair the damage done by the wriggling, mewling abortions of Phantom Menace and Attack of The Clones.
I'll tell you the point I gave up on Clones, the exact moment I slumped in my chair and thought "Whatever" -
Jango Fett, a bounty hunter, hiring a bounty hunter to kill Mathilda.
Yeah that makes sense you plaid wearing toadnecked beancounter.
Wed 10/11/04 at 22:00
Posts: 18,185
Nah it was a good film, much better than most hollywood bo11ocks. Rather enjoyable.

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