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"Gamecube vs. X box which one????????"

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Sat 06/11/04 at 17:31
"Can u dig it sucka"
Posts: 6
My ps2 just broke and i don't really want to get it again so i was thinking that i'd either get gamecube or X box but which one. Im confused
please help.
Wed 10/11/04 at 18:32
Posts: 87
let me explain
when we say 32bit 64bit 128bit it referes to the number of bits a cpu prosesses per clock cycle

when we say 3ghz, 3.2ghz (or in the case of current consoles 200 - 800mhz)we talk about the number of clock cycles per second

so in theory a cpu with a fast clock speed (clock cycles) will be as fast as one with a lower clock speed but higher bit rate (although its never that simple as the cache, archetecture of the cpu and rest of the system also affect perfomance)

as for what you were saying, yes home pcs only just reached 64bit prossesing but military systems have had 128bit for years and are moving onto 256bit
consoles normally have a higher bit rate than pcs for some reason (which is partly why they can keep up with pcs for a while when they are first released)
consoles are currently in the 128bit generation but the xbox uses a 32bit cpu normally found in a pc and makes up for it by having a higher clock speed than the gamecube and ps2
Wed 10/11/04 at 17:33
"Sorry about speelin"
Posts: 585
wtf, 128bit cpu, you sir, dont have a clue, we have only just got to 64bit comercially available cpu's, and the xbox's is more powerful, but the pc rules over al, muhahahahahah, muhahaha, just don't point out the price
Wed 10/11/04 at 16:03
Posts: 2,048

What exactly are you on about?
Wed 10/11/04 at 16:02
Posts: 87
gamecube has the most powerfull cpu, which goes against what most people think. (but only because it has a 128bit cpu and xbox is technically a 32bit cpu)

however xbox is supereror in ever other way (especially graphics and memory which is where it counts most these days)
Wed 10/11/04 at 15:38
"Milky Milky"
Posts: 933
That is one game I am going to miss out on...but for me it wasn't worth keeping my Xbox for the sake of one game.
Wed 10/11/04 at 15:37
Posts: 10,437
Halo 2 has just come out.

Therefore Xbox am weiner.
Wed 10/11/04 at 15:36
Posts: 3,505
pig-king wrote:
> Mabey this will help?
> [URL][/URL] and go to console comparison chart
> thingy.
> Personaly i would say get a xbox.

Thats if you have the room for an Xbox. Not having a dig or anything, just the Xbox is very big amd some (myself inculded) will not have the room for one.
Wed 10/11/04 at 15:36
"Milky Milky"
Posts: 933
I had an Xbox until just recently...and it really is a great machine...but I got bored of all the war/driving/football games that are being endlessly released for it. I now have a Gamecube...I got a GC 'cause all the games that I wanted for the Xbox are on GC anyway, plus GC has a few games that are exclusive, and will remain exclusive. My girlfriend prefers platformers too and there aren't really many good ones for the Xbox.
Wed 10/11/04 at 12:01
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
Played through both Halo and Metroid Prime.

Although being quite different games they are the only two similar shooters I have played on separate consoles.
Metroid Prime was alot more exciting to play. Halo was fun most of the time and technically wonderful and includes a fantastic multiplayer. But I enjoyed Metroid alot more. Though I'm not totally sure why.
Tue 09/11/04 at 17:55
"Monster kill!"
Posts: 145
xbox, more selection of games, gamecube is for kiddies!
*looks at chart*
omg! the gamecube is more powerfull than the ps2 in some area's O_o;;

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