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"Hands Up If You Thought This Was Going To Happen"

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Wed 22/11/06 at 07:22
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Flying Wiimote Breaks 60" TV

If you put your hand up, pat yourself on the back for being slightly psychic.
Tue 05/12/06 at 20:47
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It was on "". It didn't break instantly.

PS3 is actually pretty decent, but I won't get into that.
Tue 05/12/06 at 20:38
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Unlike most bricks.
Tue 05/12/06 at 20:32
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PS3's can withstand a direct hit from a sledge hammer.
Tue 05/12/06 at 20:27
"Long time no see!"
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Better let the village idiots know - the wii appears to be a lot tougher than Nintendo-hating gamers seem to give it credit for! ;)

If only it had struck a PS3 instead... ;D
Mon 27/11/06 at 18:43
"In Soviet Russia..."
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To be honest, there's as much chance that you'd get angry at losing and start attacking the other player with the Wiimote itself.
Sat 25/11/06 at 16:39
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There is a video on youtube of some guy swinging a wii-mote like it was a bouncing ball and the wrist strap snapped then as well.
Thu 23/11/06 at 19:12
"Mooching around"
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The thought of a 1.5TB disk sounds interesting...

As for the article, most people are saying it's just a publicity stunt, bound to happen one day though.
Thu 23/11/06 at 15:53
"you've got a beard"
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Those holographic displays are really cool, there was one in one of the research departments at uni and i had a nose round while no-one was about :D
Thu 23/11/06 at 08:50
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At least he didn't have one of these:


Wed 22/11/06 at 15:29
"Brooklyn boy"
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Then about 6 months later there'll be another very slightly improved one for full price again

The Madden incidents shall be coming thick and fast me thinks :-D

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