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"Live the deal"

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Thu 06/01/05 at 09:55
"Gamertag Number 10"
Posts: 243
Whats the cheaper way to live online Here are the deals.
Deal 1. 5 Per Month 12 = 60
Deal 2. 40 and free subsription for an year

I will go for Deal 2 40 and thats it.
Thu 06/01/05 at 21:52
"no nonsense"
Posts: 167
mine broke too. used an elastic band, pretty annoying but saved me money.

also i got my starter kit for 25 :D
Thu 06/01/05 at 17:41
"Forgot my password."
Posts: 142
Rambo style.
Thu 06/01/05 at 17:40
Posts: 14,437
I strapped mine to my head with a tie not long ago.
Thu 06/01/05 at 16:13
Posts: 177
Green Ferocity wrote:
> God I'd hate to break my headset!

I broke mine :(, then Super glued it, broke again, I then covered the end that connects with super glue, and its been perfect ever since :D
Thu 06/01/05 at 16:09
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
All your really paying for in the starter kit is the yearly subscription. Not exactly free now is it? Unless you minus 26 quid which I have seen the communicator sold for alone. God I'd hate to break my headset!
Thu 06/01/05 at 11:48
"Anger leads to hate"
Posts: 912
35 quid, same deal with game!
Thu 06/01/05 at 10:55
"Forgot my password."
Posts: 142
I spent 30 on a starter kit (40 if it was from a shop) and got a year free on live. 40 and a year free.
Thu 06/01/05 at 10:54
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
But you didnt get it for free did you?
Thu 06/01/05 at 10:52
"Forgot my password."
Posts: 142
Starter Kit.
Thu 06/01/05 at 10:49
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
X2 METHOD MAN wrote:
> Deal 2. 40 and free subsription for an year

You mong, you spend 40 on Live, and you still call it free for a year?

Well what was the 40 spent on?


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