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"Surround sound..."

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Thu 14/10/04 at 21:05
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How do you get this to work with the Gamecube?

I've AV cable up so that the picture one goes into the TV and the other two go into the 'home cinema' thingy I've just bought.

I think it's just doing left/right at the moment, how do I get it to do surround?

I've got a 5.1 surround sound system so it should work, shouldn't it?

I've read you need a decoder of some sort, yet I can't find anything...

Do I need a proper scart lead to do this? Or is the bog standard one the reason for only the left/right sound?
Sat 16/10/04 at 01:52
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I thought the cube was only 2.1

I've hooked mine up to the stereo speakers and they will be mounted on the wall sometime :)
Fri 15/10/04 at 18:38
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Or this:

Fri 15/10/04 at 18:36
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Something like this I think..
Not sure if it allows a TRUE 60hz picture though..
Fri 15/10/04 at 18:26
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It must be the cable, red/white is only left/right so it wouldn't be in surround sound.

The only way to get proper surround sound is to buy a big fat scart lead, and not the RGB one that you get free with the Gamecube.

That's what I think...
Fri 15/10/04 at 18:00
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It says Dolby Pro Logic II on the unit...

Unless I didn't set it up correctly, that might be the reason.

Time to give it a go.

It might be because I'm connecting to it though the AUX connection, as in the red and white cables...
Fri 15/10/04 at 12:52
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Yes, but if your amp can't decode pro-logic 2, you'll be left with either stereo or pro-logic 1 sound, which isn't as good, and sounds like the problem you've got.
Fri 15/10/04 at 11:13
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They're all Pro Logic II games.
Fri 15/10/04 at 10:23
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Depends on your amp. The GC doesn't output 5.1 for a start, so it's never going to be perfect. If you have Pro-logic 1, it will be partial surround (the rears emit the same), not 5.1. However if you have Pro-logic 2, the amp will process the sound for each channel and you get a near perfect 5.1.
Thu 14/10/04 at 23:23
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Pro Logic sounds better for Logical Professionals.
Thu 14/10/04 at 23:22
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It depends on what it is.

If it comes with two audio out wires, and it has an in and out port at the back, you could put the audio out from the Gamecube into the audio in on the sound system, then put the audio out cables from the sound system into the scart lead for the GC along with the video cable.

Mines came with a GC adapter, so I had no problems.

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