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"Xbox is rubish"

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Fri 08/10/04 at 18:52
Posts: 134
Im not going to say its crap its like any other console with microsoft on it only for games im not saying its crap its ok.
Mon 11/10/04 at 10:44
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
monkey_man wrote:
> Everything about this topic makes me laugh.

Yeah. Imagine someone who'd never been to a chat forum before, decided to sample a few topics and came to this one. Every stereotypical view and possible misconception they may have had would have been confirmed.

However this is also why we've never been invaded by Aliens. They hack into our internet system to learn how we communicate on this planet and within minutes they are involved in an interplanetary dispute about computer games.

13 year old Dwain (in top group for English) "No your are!"

600 year old Garflax (in alpha group for parlance) "Incorrect. Thou art!"

"No YOUR R!!!

"Incorrect. Thou art"

"Yeah but if I am than what is you!!"!

"I shall now reconsider my opinions in shame, I shall return to my homeworld in shame. I have brought dishonour upon my clan".

"And you're bum smels!!!"
Sun 10/10/04 at 19:45
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
heehehe! That would work. You know the xbox is the only console that comes with a warning saying that you could die if it falls on you! Funny really.
Sun 10/10/04 at 18:20
Posts: 33,481
Let's just drop an xbox on him from a great height.
Sun 10/10/04 at 18:18
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
brilliant! Now who has some petrol?
Sun 10/10/04 at 17:51
"Retarded List"
Posts: 642
Ninjax wrote:

I've got a piece of wood we can use as a stake
Sun 10/10/04 at 16:14
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
Sun 10/10/04 at 12:46
Posts: 2,048
haha speedrally your punctuation and grammar amuse me you are crap you dont use full stops so it makes it very difficult for us normal users to understand what crap youre trying to tell us anyway you dont matter go home
Sun 10/10/04 at 12:40
Posts: 21,800
What a strange little man.

He's so retarded that he forgot what his opinion of Xbox was by the time he came to writing the topic.
Sun 10/10/04 at 12:36
Posts: 2,048
speedrally im not going to say your crap but because you are crap i thnk ill crap on your face as youve got speedrally written as your name but thats not crap i dont think your very crap although your games are crap you are crap
Sun 10/10/04 at 12:35
"For One Night Only"
Posts: 3,773
Seriously, Speedrally, if you don't like Xbox (I think that's the message you tried to get across), why are you on this forum?

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