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"The gamecube is a gay piece of crap!"

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Sun 09/01/05 at 12:01
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
Simple ;-)
Sun 09/01/05 at 21:50
"I play the Harmonic"
Posts: 1,412
But the NES was genius with Contra alone.
Sun 09/01/05 at 21:49
Posts: 877
some people have clearly never played a goes xbox-gamecube-dreamcast------with ps2 under the nes
Sun 09/01/05 at 17:08
Posts: 18,185
It's true, when an X-box enters my room the Gamecube gets "turned on".
Sun 09/01/05 at 16:37
Posts: 9,848
I can confirm it.
The Gamecube is gay.
And so is the Xbox.

After a multi console multiplayer session, my friends and I came back to the Gamecube on top of the Xbox, both turned on, both in contact with each other's "joy"pads...

Unless one of them is the woman that is...
Sun 09/01/05 at 16:27
Posts: 23,695
Forza wrote:
> And the sad thing is, this thread will get about 4938421 replies with
> angry spotty sweaty teens defending the piece of hardware as if their
> lives depended on it.

Of course, defending a trilogy of films like your life depends on it is much different...
Sun 09/01/05 at 16:24
Posts: 15,681
Well the GameCube is a rather feminine console to look at. But it isn't butch feminine. So I'd say it was designed as a straight unit :P
Sun 09/01/05 at 16:17
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Chipseh wrote:
> Green Ferocity wrote:
> Simple
> minded? Yes, you are.
> And Azul, you're one to talk- you felt the need to spam me over
> Xfire...

No, I'm sure Azul was doing it in his ironic, superior way...
Sun 09/01/05 at 12:10
Posts: 468
How is gamecube gay? Its a machine, if you think machines are attracted to other macines, they have a certain gender and they have sexual organs, than i'm afraid you are gay.
Sun 09/01/05 at 12:04
"Random by default"
Posts: 127
No, no, no. You misread the article, KIRBY is the gay thing.
Sun 09/01/05 at 12:03
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Green Ferocity wrote:
> Simple

minded? Yes, you are.

And Azul, you're one to talk- you felt the need to spam me over Xfire...

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