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"Kerry to 49%"

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Mon 04/10/04 at 20:49
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Anyone see something about this in the news?

Apparantly some opinion poll has him and Bush tied.
Thu 14/10/04 at 20:52
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Well aiming to give everyone medi-care should get him a lot of votes although he'll lose a lot from morons who think a women's right to choose is wrong and base all their votes on that single issue.

Idiots, hopefully the majority of serious illnesses are visited upon those who vote against the guy trying to save healthcare and social security.

I have no legs now can I have some money + treatment? Hmmm it says here you voted for Bush in 2004... sooooooo oooooo ooooooo oooooo oooooo NOPE.

Thu 14/10/04 at 19:30
Posts: 23,284
He still won't win but seems quite a liberal guy. Hope he doesn't lose.
Thu 14/10/04 at 16:45
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Hedfix wrote:

> Wish my vote'd count.

It's America Hedfix you should know the votes don't count :-D
Thu 14/10/04 at 16:43
Posts: 33,481
I watched the whole debate last night from 2am - 3:30am

Kerry absolutely tore Bush apart.

Sorting out guns and medi-care whilst removing an idiot?

Wish my vote'd count.
Wed 13/10/04 at 09:15
"Don't let me down"
Posts: 626
I want Kerry to win because of one reason, Bush went to war based on lies, simple. Just like Blair he said they had hard evidence of WMD's, biological weapons and weapons could be fired in 45 minutes regarding Saddam's intention to build WMD's. So let's just look for one momemt at what he's actually saying now, that Saddam did intend to rebuild his arsenal up after the inspectors had gone and for that reason it was right to invade. So is he saying that we can go to war based on what people want to do in the future? If this is the case then it's like saying a criminal should be locked up before commiting a crime. Is this an example of a two faced democracy, whats the world coming to.
Mon 11/10/04 at 20:02
Posts: 1,497
munn wrote:
> I want Bush to win. He's intelligent - he ran away from war, the
> intelligent thing to do.

Here, you refer to a man who believed that "misunderestimate" is a legitimate word in the English/American language, famously fell off his bicycle, and almost choked on a mere Pretzel. If I had the time, I would mention all of his many vocabularic and grammatic blunders.

> Also, Kerry is a girls name.

Kerry may typically be a female name, but it can be a male name, as can any name. Besides, Kerry is his surname - his first name, being John, does sound more masculine and less feminine.
Wed 06/10/04 at 20:01
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I agree but he's virtually letting Bush in.
Wed 06/10/04 at 20:00
Posts: 15,443
Nooo, Green Party all the way!!!!
Wed 06/10/04 at 19:56
Posts: 23,284
I think Nader should drop out.
Wed 06/10/04 at 18:15
Posts: 33,481
Can you hear that sound of something wooshing over your head?

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