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Sun 03/10/04 at 16:22
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Anyone seen this? It's supposed to very good, if a little nasty.

Plan to go watch it tonight so I'll let you know what I thought of it.

Has to be better than Wimbledon at least!
Wed 27/10/04 at 20:37
Posts: 18,185
Acting was bad and the budget was obviously low.

But the film had promise, and if I was the director I'd take faith from that.
Wed 27/10/04 at 19:06
"smile, it's free"
Posts: 6,460
I thought it was really good too, especially if you look at it from a psychological perspective.
Sun 10/10/04 at 19:41
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I'd agree Geffdof. A fantastic film, better than expected and well worth a watch.
Fri 08/10/04 at 20:10
"lets go back"
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I went to see this yesterday. It was realy good I thought. Some parts where predictable and others kind of surprising. About half way throught I thought it was going to turn into a clichéd "detective chases serial killer" type of film but it managed to avoid some of the majour clichés involved in these types of films. Its not totaly original but does have its own unique flavour, costantly twisting and turning, throwing up new clues to the tale. Its got a good pace to it too. Its also very gory and twisted.

Its worth watching. Not quite as good as se7en, which is probably the best of its kind, but i'd say its a close second.
Thu 07/10/04 at 23:08
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
A friend of mine saw this the other day. She was very disappointed.
Thu 07/10/04 at 22:47
"with a blunt knife"
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I saw it last week and really enjoyed it. A fairly depressing film but I did like how the plot was twisty and although there were a few cliches in there, I found much of the film to be very original. And it's Robin Hood out of Robin Hood: Men in Tights who plays the doctor. But he's like old!
Thu 07/10/04 at 18:22
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
A mate of mine saw it and told me that i HAVE to see it apparantly.. But im not so sure.. Everyone keep on posting your opinions on it. Then it may help me make up my mind
Thu 07/10/04 at 13:29
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That's a bit of an overexaggeration.

The ending was clumsy. But it was alright.
Thu 07/10/04 at 10:34
"Forum Tweener"
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I saw Saw yesterday.
Lets try that again:I went to see Saw yesterday, oh forget it.

Anyway, the film basically spends its entire course building up to the ending. And oh dear me, the final fifteen minutes is beyond human understanding. It made me want to howl an audible groan. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it is an absolute JOKE. It's over the top, cliched nonsense. The acting is poor, yes, but it could have been over looked if the plot had any credibility. I would advise seeing this monstrosity if only to serve as an example of HOW TO PATRONISE an audience. Oh my.
Wed 06/10/04 at 22:45
Posts: 18,185
Indeed a bit of sour acting.

But a good film, although I predicted the ending.

Which was a shame.

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