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"MSN clearout"

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Wed 04/08/04 at 12:14
Posts: 15,681
I'm starting to clear out my contacts list as there are too many people on there I do not recognise any more (it's me old age see).

If you wish to remain on my list, message me next time you're on - if I've already deleted you I'll re-add you providing I know who you are.

Otherwise, my contacts list is finally going to be under 100 :D
Wed 04/08/04 at 17:51
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
Who here has me on their list?

I deleted a few people from mine.
Wed 04/08/04 at 17:38
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
Wed 04/08/04 at 16:46
Posts: 15,681
That's what I'm doing.
Wed 04/08/04 at 15:14
Posts: 6,801
cookie monster wrote:
> Ashley wrote:
> if you delete a contact, but don't block them. can they still
> message
> you?
> Yeah.

so why doesn't edgy delete anyone he rarely speaks to, and if they pop up, he can always undelete em
Wed 04/08/04 at 13:20
""It's me u want""
Posts: 724
Mikelar, you have still got to claim for you GAD prize!
Wed 04/08/04 at 13:20
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Ashley wrote:
> if you delete a contact, but don't block them. can they still message
> you?

Wed 04/08/04 at 13:16
Posts: 6,801
if you delete a contact, but don't block them. can they still message you?
Wed 04/08/04 at 12:55
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
Good for you Edgy - I cut down my contacts list a couple of months back.
Wed 04/08/04 at 12:50
Posts: 15,681
Ashman wrote:
> Take your pic if you want to keep me on or not, I'm sure there are
> more worthy contacts.
> ;^P

You're still there cause you occasionally say something :P
Wed 04/08/04 at 12:42
Posts: 10,437
I have 39 contacts. Muah.

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