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"Little Simple Game"

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Mon 26/07/04 at 11:13
"One Of A Kind"
Posts: 1,914
Little simple game where you have to see how far you can get down the road while being drunk. Just use your mouse to keep him up. So far i have got 54 meters which i thought was pretty pants see how you can do and put on here or something


Edit: Just got 61 meters
Tue 27/07/04 at 12:51
"Was UW."
Posts: 395
29 eyes closed. 57 open.
Mon 26/07/04 at 22:43
Posts: 327
Man that game sucks, got 60 odd metres then made him fall over.
Mon 26/07/04 at 22:40
Posts: 14,437
61 metres on the crappy Laptop touchpad.

100 metres with a mouse.
Mon 26/07/04 at 22:35
Posts: 42
haha, 84
Mon 26/07/04 at 17:00
"I dnt hv a cachfras"
Posts: 481
wat a waste of 2 minutes of my life :(
Mon 26/07/04 at 16:25
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
74 metres. Whoo!
Mon 26/07/04 at 15:58
Posts: 4,899

Bloody crap if you ask me.
Mon 26/07/04 at 15:27
Posts: 6,801
pretty crap game, the music was annoying so i turned it off. got about 55 m. couldn't be arsed to have another go
Mon 26/07/04 at 14:57
"I dnt hv a cachfras"
Posts: 481
65 metres, then I made him fall over for fun.
Mon 26/07/04 at 14:23
Posts: 10,759
Worst game ever?


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