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"Wario Ware"

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Mon 14/02/05 at 14:18
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
In Nintendo Official Magazine, this guy sent in an idea for one minigame for wario ware. They laughed and said he needed 179 more. So guess what I spent 120 mins doing?

1) Putting a key into a lock and turning it
2) Using a searchlight to try and catch all the links in four swords
3) Cutting a PSP in half with a chainsaw
4) Turning the page to avoid Seal’s glare in NOM UK
5) Throwing a boomerang and having to catch it
6) Hit someone with a red shell in Mario Kart
7) Hit someone with a green shell in Mario Kart
8) Throwing a snowball at Wario
9) Dodging Ridely in Super Metroid
10) Having to pick two noses at the same time
11) Taking part in a Mexican wave
12) Administering the final sword slash to Ganon in Zelda
13) Game or Lame? (Selecting the ‘Game’)
14) ‘Tim Street’s Kirby Dress-Up’
15) Killing an enemy in Balloon Fight
16) Spraying someone with squirty cream
17) As Toad, throw a vegetable at Wart to kill him
18) Run from a bolder, jumping over holes in the floor
19) Killing an Octorock in Zelda
20) BOSS- Defeating Bowser in Super Mario Bros.
21) Predicting who’s going to be at the top of NOM’s Hall of Fame next month
22) Putting a Gamecube Disc into a Gamecube
23) PokeSnipe Returns
24) Hitting a golf ball
25) Drawing Wario a new ‘tache
26) Adventures of the Work Experience kid: making the coffee…
27) Pokemon- Selecting the right attack to kill the opponent
28) Make Yoshi eat two berries in Super Mario World
29) Turn on a DS
30) “The PSP is… great/shiny/inferior to the DS in all ways” (Circle right answer)
31) Revenge of the Pink Rabbit
32) Poke the Bunny
33) Pressing Print on a computer
34) Dodge Lugia’s Hyper Beam
35) Counting sheep
36) Counting Pokemon
37) Hit a shuttlecock in Badminton
38) Playing hide and seek with Boo (who turns invisible when you look at him)
39) Graffiti
40) BOSS- Playing as Ganon, you have to crush all four Links.
41) Reflect a Deku Scrub’s attack back at him
42) Play Saria’s Song on the Ocarina
43) Yoshi-goes-mad-and-eats-Baby-Mario
44) Using a Mushroom in Mario Kart to make a jump
45) Fitting an awkward block in Tetris
46) Use Mario’s Cape to swoop while flying
47) Smashing a brick with your forehead (Meter Minigame)
48) Survive a Cucco onslaught in Zelda with only one heart
49) Grab a Force Gem before Tingle does
50) Smash Bowser off of Final Destination (Press Right and A at the same time)
51) Revenge of Hungraa
52) Skipping Rope Jump- While moving side to side to dodge fireballs
53) Suck up the right person as Kirby
54) Quickly hit a ball round the loop in Pinball
55) Follow the command onscreen (e.g. “Hold A and press Up”)
56) Catch two pieces of toast!
57) Hit a target with PK Thunder as Ness
58) Dodge a Bomb with Bomberman
59) Lay a Bomb as Bomberman
60) BOSS- Murder Tingle and stash the body in a small chest. Admit doing it
61) Shoot Tingle’s balloon. Extra points for hitting Tingle too.
62) Order a full-scale missile attack on Tingle’s Tower.
63) Excitebike
64) Jump a barrel in Donkey Kong
65) Grab a Mushroom
66) Make the work experience kid eat a banana in three seconds
67) Buy NOM UK
68) As DK, steal a Mini-Mario
69) Burning ants with a magnifying glass
70) Baseball- Batting
71) Baseball- Fielding
72) Strum a guitar
73) Make an ice cream
74) Run the marathon wearing jet boots
75) As Luigi, vacuum the entire mansion. Or just one ghost
76) Get off the screen before Shadow Link’s bomb explodes!
77) Bang some bongos to the Mario Bros. Theme
78) Hit someone with your GBA in an argument over Four Swords
79) Turn off the TV in Pokemon Channel. Stop Pika from turning it back on
80) BOSS- Seal takes over NOM. Shoot him. Don’t shoot Tim- You’ll get fired
81) Dodge a security camera
82) Pick the yellow object
83) Revenge of Heads or Tails?
84) Slam dunk Ocarina of Time into your N64
85) Run away from Pokemania. Hide in a cave. It’s hard
86) Relieve Star Wars’s “I am your father” bit, but with Link and Tingle. Scream
87) Simple maths
88) Flush the loo
89) Butter some bread
90) Type the words “BURN TINGLE” on a keyboard
91) Burn Tingle
92) As Toad, take a bullet (bill) for Peach
93) Push a block in Zelda to open a door
94) Shoot Andross in Starfox
95) Pat someone on the back
96) Give Wario a backrub… if you dare
97) Pick the petals off a flower
98) Duck a flying birthday cake
99) Shoot Mother Brain in Metroid
100)BOSS- You’re a giant foot. Stomp on 100 Pikmin- before they END you
101)Press a switch in Zelda
102)Slap someone with a fish
103)Do an Ollie on a skateboard
104)Parachute out of a plane, dodging birds
105)Punch Out
106)Duck to dodge a bullet
107)Jump on Lakitu in Yoshi’s Island
109)Hangman, but you have to lose. Tingle gets hung
110)Grab a star in Mario
111)Ski Jump
112)Save the world. As Link, press a button- open a trapdoor and Ganon falls in
113)Heal your Pokemon at a Pokemon Centre
114)Wario vs. Mario- Matrix Style
115)Stay balanced on a unicycle
116)Stay balanced on a unicycle in an earthquake
117)Swing from vine to vine
118)Press the blue button, not the big red ‘DO NOT PUSH’ one
119)Blow out the candles on a cake
120)BOSS- Clefairy Says!
121)Find the person dressed as a ghost, but don’t touch the real ghosts!
122)Spin plates
123)Step on the banana skin, and land on your feet
124)Extinguish a fire
125)Give Tingle a bomb disguised as a present and run away
126)Ring the Doorbell
127)Run from a heat-seeking missile
128)Phone 999
129)Press A to call your dog over and press A again to spit on it
130)Bomb a wall in Zelda
131)Trace the line
132)Draw an M, a W or an L depending on if Mario, Luigi or Wario appear
133)Throw a brick through a window
134)Javelin throw
135)Milk a cow
136)Catch a fish in Animal Crossing
137)Catch a bug in Animal Crossing
138)Move your sofa into the corner in Animal Crossing
139)Shake a tree in Animal Crossing
140)BOSS- It’s Animal Crossing Hunting Season! (You’re first Nook…)
141)As a screaming four year old, chase the ice cream van
142)Phone a really long obscure Japanese number
143)Fetch a stick
144)Fetch a Frisbee
145)Mow a blade of grass with a pair of scissors
146)Pour milk on your cereal
147)Play ping-pong with a small Tingle instead of a ball
148)Cut a hole in the floor using a watch laser (a la Goldeneye)
149)Hit the moving bar at the end of a Super Mario World stage
150)Catch a Dunsparce using a Pokeball
151)Ride a broomstick
152)Water a flower
154)Drop kick Tingle
155)Set a VCR
156)Light some dynamite
157)Jump an obstacle in a mine cart
158)Pour water into a glass, but don’t overflow!
159)Yoshi’s Island Ski-Jump
160)BOSS- Catch a Chansey in the Safari Zone
162)Guide an inflated Mario through a maze
163)Balloon Fight
164)Avoid a swarm of wasps in Zelda
165)Spray an insect
166)Grab 40 coins in 3 seconds (while falling)
167)Extreme Ironing
168)Put four batteries into a Gameboy
169)Turning on a lamp
170)Smashing an F-Zero racer off the track
171)Getting a bull’s-eye in darts
172)Sword fighting with Link
173)Yoshi’s Island Balloon Pop
175)Penny Flicking
176)Blast Off
178)Ultimate Thread the Needle
179)Hermit Racing
180)BOSS- Invasion of Seal’s NOM Fortress. Includes climbing walls, shooting switches, eliminating Tingle by popping his balloon above a pool of lava and destroying Seal once and for all.
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:30
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Of course. Many Wario Ware games are repeated in future ones. Most of the repeats in this once I've edited.
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:25
Posts: 5,953
You do realise that some of those on your list are already Wario Ware mini games don't you?
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:22
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Probs won't put the whole list in though. That's if it does get put in. But they were asking for it.

Oh, and bessant, I'll get you a plushy pikachu for your birthday if that's what you want.
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:20
Posts: 24
JFH wrote:
> They'll probably make it star letter. You can also trust NOM to pick
> something pointless over the the intelligent letters.

If it does appear in nom i'll buy you a beer ;D
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:13
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
JFH wrote:
> cweek2000 wrote:
> I actually sent this into NOM. Wonder what they'll say?
> They'll probably make it star letter. You can also trust NOM to pick
> something pointless over the the intelligent letters.

That's usually what happens. Works in my favour though.
Mon 14/02/05 at 17:19
Posts: 1,204
I cant be bothered to read more and three.
Yet you were bothered to make 179.
Dear god.
Mon 14/02/05 at 16:52
Posts: 5,953
cweek2000 wrote:
> I actually sent this into NOM. Wonder what they'll say?

They'll probably make it star letter. You can also trust NOM to pick something pointless over the the intelligent letters.
Mon 14/02/05 at 14:56
Posts: 1,174
Tphi wrote:
> They'll give you a cuddleh Pikachu plushy as reward.

I want one!
Mon 14/02/05 at 14:49
Posts: 7,741
They'll give you a cuddleh Pikachu plushy as reward.
Mon 14/02/05 at 14:41
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
I actually sent this into NOM. Wonder what they'll say?

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