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"Is there any 15 f girls in Tasmania here?"

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Mon 28/06/04 at 05:37
Posts: 8
Please talk to me if u live in Tasmania
Thu 01/07/04 at 20:33
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Sure, I'm from Tasmania. Blood, fangs, vampires...

Oh, wait, that's Transylvania. Damn.

And why would anyone want to look for Tasmanians on here? It's a British site with a few foreign users. Chances of finding people from Tasmania is hard enough there, so chances of finding any Tasmanians here? Sod all. Even less if you're looking for Tasmaniacs... =D
Thu 01/07/04 at 18:59
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
I'm a Tasmaniaian devil in a salamander costume
Thu 01/07/04 at 17:35
Posts: 1,646 VIP codes, and not ones I can access your site with... !
Thu 01/07/04 at 17:34
Posts: 1,646
Rosalind, please send picture of your boobs to

[email protected]

and vip codes.

Mon 28/06/04 at 14:58
Posts: 4,345
Rosalind wrote:
> For a really really think person with boobs even bigger than mine.

Haha. Think person....

> I wonder how many times I can drop my boobs into the conversation
> today.

That once. We'll do a tally chart at the end.
Mon 28/06/04 at 14:33
"Orbiting Uranus"
Posts: 5,665
For a really really thin(k)* person with boobs even bigger than mine.

I wonder how many times I can drop my boobs into the conversation today.

* Edit
Mon 28/06/04 at 14:28
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Isn't 15 F a bra size?
Mon 28/06/04 at 14:25
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Mon 28/06/04 at 14:19
Posts: 6,801
Azul wrote:
> You are too, Ashley?! I thought I was the only one!

you may live in a dump attached to a good country, azul but i assure you its not Tasmania. rotflmao hohohohohohoho
Mon 28/06/04 at 14:13
"Insert Gently"
Posts: 2,681
15 f Tasmania...that narrows it down a bit

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