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"3things about u right now.."

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Tue 22/06/04 at 03:21
"*Passing Through *"
Posts: 501
Yep im this bored.. and no doubt this will go down like a lead ballon.. but anyways.. tell us 3things about u right now. It can be what ur watching...thinking...eating...wearing...anything!
Mon 31/01/05 at 12:08
Posts: 9,808
On lunch now.
*Massages LJ's head*
Erm, something else.
Mon 31/01/05 at 12:00
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
on lunch..waiting for the other half to hurry up
Checking e-mails.. Most of it Junk mail
Got headache :(
Sun 30/01/05 at 20:08
"killzone question"
Posts: 3
thinking about how nice i am
how cute i am
hey igot a good ass
Sun 30/01/05 at 16:12
Posts: 2,938
There are people viewing our house
My head hurts slightly
Wonder how the Chelsea match is going *checks*
Sun 30/01/05 at 14:36
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
Eating a toasted cheese and onion sarnie
Has finally managed to get online at home..
Thinking that Yoshi and Cosmo are total cuties..
Sun 30/01/05 at 14:23
"tall skinny latte"
Posts: 623
Listening to Cardiacs tracks that's being sent via MSN.
Thinking of a title for article.
Digesting lunch.
Sat 29/01/05 at 14:10
Posts: 2
Frustrated learning how to use this site....
Cosidering what to drink tonight
Thinking how short the weekend is
Sat 29/01/05 at 12:25
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
On lunch..
Cant believe all the things i have to do online in just an hour (as not online much at home anymore)
Jealous of the fact that the other half got a free mobile phone..
Sat 29/01/05 at 02:51
Posts: 18,487
Watching the tennis
Wondering why on earth i'm watching the tennis
Thinking about women
Fri 21/01/05 at 21:25
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
WTG Lakers

Watching the Simpsons
Getting the house kitten proof ready for the arrical of our 2 kittens
Watching the other half paint our shelves

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