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"Anyone received Power Tennis?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Mario Power Tennis'.
Thu 24/02/05 at 11:18
"Ghosts Can't Die!"
Posts: 774
Just got it and had a few sets on it and so far it's looking a very good game. Power moves can slow down the flow of the game, but I'm growing a liking to them. Anyone elses thoughts?
Thu 03/03/05 at 20:40
Posts: 23,695
I'm still waiting.

And now they're out of stock.

Mon 28/02/05 at 15:08
Posts: 16,558
Mario Tennis is much better than Golf to me Golf was good but got boring Tennis is just hectic with the power shots and class without :D
Mon 28/02/05 at 14:32
Posts: 18,185
It addressed some of the issues but created a host of new ones.

Samey environments, that terrible rock soundtrack, too many combo's in the fighting system... etc... etc...
Sun 27/02/05 at 21:40
"Great with butter"
Posts: 34
> Don't bother with the new Prince.
> Really, really sucky.
> Well, quite good and then really, really sucky for a long time and
> endlessly irritating. And then quite good again.

I found P.O.P 2 really good. Its a lot darker and it has lost a lot of its charm, but many of the predecessor's flaws have been addressed brilliantly.

As for Camelot and their sports titles, I have always found them very enjoyable, but Mario Power Tennis looks a bit messy. Mario Golf GC was great in my opinion, but it got SO boring after a while.
Sat 26/02/05 at 18:40
Posts: 7,403
Been playing this a lot multiplayer wise. Its brilliant but I'm dissapointed with the lack of a two-player doubles Tournie. I was looking forward to this.
Sat 26/02/05 at 00:01
Posts: 18,185
FFF has got POP2 down to a T.
Fri 25/02/05 at 16:36
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Rickoss wrote:
TS3, VJ2, Wario Ware etc. are just around the corner, and I
> still need to pick up King of Swing and Prince of Persia.

Don't bother with the new Prince.
Really, really sucky.

Well, quite good and then really, really sucky for a long time and endlessly irritating. And then quite good again.
Fri 25/02/05 at 16:29
Posts: 23,695
Didn't get mine today.

Hopefully it'll have arrived tomorrow.
Fri 25/02/05 at 13:46
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
No, the reviews I've read say it's near perfect.

Beautiful, fantastic gameplay, only ruined by some gimmicks and these power shots, that can be turned off for multiplayer anyway.

I haven't seen a bad review, at all.
Fri 25/02/05 at 13:23
Posts: 10,437
Nah, Mario Golf was rubbish.

Power Tennis reviews aren't that good, but most of them say it's a little too much like the 64 version, which I haven't played. I'll probably pick it up someday anyway.

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