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"chao help 4 sonic adventure 2 battle"

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Sat 05/03/05 at 13:11
"being smart rocks"
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need help? wat the prob?
Tue 06/09/05 at 11:20
Posts: 3,611
People actually bought this? Ouch.
Mon 05/09/05 at 21:04
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920

Who's completed Radical Highway's 4th mission?

I get on the twisting road near the finish and then time ends.

Tue 30/08/05 at 16:12
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Right, my memory is slightly hazy. You either have to stand next to the cage and get the monkey to throw a bomb at you, or you have to wait, pick up a bomb, carry it over and bomb the cage.

Watch out for that flying bug robot though. Hide in the shadows (behind pillars) when the room goes green.

Stupid bug.
Sun 28/08/05 at 13:50
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
You have to pick up the bombs and throw them at the cage. I think that's right. Haven't played it in a while.
Sun 28/08/05 at 06:53
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
Does ne1 know how to get the key in the upopenable Cage on 'Egg Quarters' hard mode?

i've suggested that the monkey-bot throws a bomb at it.
Mon 07/03/05 at 20:21
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
And those sonic adventure fans amongst us already know enough about chaos without any help, right guys?

Mon 07/03/05 at 18:12
"kill my enemys"
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Im so confused and yet so sane.
Mon 07/03/05 at 18:09
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
My chao keeps eating the other chao.
Sat 05/03/05 at 20:30
Posts: 1,204
smarty marty wrote:
> need help? wat the prob?

erm are you asking yourself what your problem is?
Sat 05/03/05 at 13:36
Posts: 21,800
My Chao has aids and keeps humping table legs, what should I do?

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