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"Movie Quote Quiz"

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Thu 27/05/04 at 19:37
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
Basically what you do is guess the film that the quote that I am about to say comes from. For example, If I say 'I'll be back!', then you would try and guess which film that quote comes from. If no-one gets it after a while, then you are allowed to give clues. Once someone gets it, they will have to think up a quote for people to guess.


Another thing, if someone makes a quote and you guess it, you cannot make a new quote until that person says you are correct. No-one else.

Example - If Ms NY thought of a quote and Grix Thraves got it, then Grix would have to wait until Ms NY said 'Correct' for Grix to make a new one.

The only two people that have the ability to say 'correct' are the person who set the quote and I.


Very_Metal - 37 points
Anonymous - 26 points
Mav - 24 points
Wakka - 23 points
Marcini - 21 points
CTUbauer - 16 points
Peter Venkman - 15 points
Stryke - 13 points
Paradox - 12 points
Magnius - 11 points
Puddleface - 11 points
Ms NY - 9 points
Auf deutsch - 8 points
Siln Thundr - 8 points
@ng3l - 7 points
Timmargh - 6 points
Lipe - 5 points
The GingerLord - 5 points
Shadow - 4 points
HI - 3 points
KOPKING - 3 points
Morbo - 3 points
pb - 3 points
Squall - 3 points
Wyn - 3 points
ulle - 2 points
~CC~ - 2 points
gr13ve - 2 points
Grn rit - 2 points
Icarus - 2 points
maddmun - 2 points
SHEEPY - 2 points
n - 1 point
Allardini - 1 point
Anialater - 1 point
Ashley - 1 point
Average Joe - 1 point
Azul - 1 point
BinBag - 1 point
Cyclone - 1 point
*disPute* - 1 point
FinalFantasyFanatic - 1 point
Grix Thraves - 1 point
*Highly Excitable* - 1 point
Microchips - 1 point
Mikhail - 1 point
SmokedKipper - 1 point
Yarr - 1 point

I will update this thread every day except Saturday and Sunday at 1.30 (in the afternoon)
Thu 20/01/05 at 13:19
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310


Point to me.

New Quote- 'Wanna cup of marriage?'
Thu 13/01/05 at 14:43
Posts: 9,397
Billy Madison
Thu 13/01/05 at 13:10
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
Sorry Metal but I'll start a new quote off.


Oh Veronica Vaughn! So hot! Want to touch the hiney! Arrroooooooo!
Wed 05/01/05 at 11:37
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
none right now mate, Chipseh guessed the last one so he'll post the new quote when he's ready and then we guess what it's from.

then whoever guesses this one posts the next quote.. and so on :)
Wed 05/01/05 at 11:36
"I like beef"
Posts: 398
Thnx, Very Metal. So, which quote do I have to guess?
Wed 05/01/05 at 11:30
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
people post a quote from a movie and you have to guess which movie it's from.
it's kind of a quiz.
it's kind of a movie quote quiz.
i'm pretty sure i read that somewhere.
Wed 05/01/05 at 09:07
"I like beef"
Posts: 398
What's this actually about? Looks fun, but someone tell me, please
Thu 30/12/04 at 11:46
Posts: 5,953
Ms NY said Star Wars first but I suppose she listed two other films as well. I'll take your advice though and give it to Chipseh (even though it was Return of the Jedi).
Thu 30/12/04 at 11:43
Posts: 13,611
Just give it to Chipseh.

Especially if it turns out to be Episode IV, which was originally just called Star Wars.
Thu 30/12/04 at 11:42
Posts: 5,953
Try IV or VI.

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