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Tue 04/05/04 at 21:41
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How's this for an idea...

Since we're coming up to our exams (most of us, anyway) How about a topic where the best books and online resources are in one place for all to see?

Basically; Just list sites you've used/heard of, and when I'm bothered (once-a-day, maybe) I'll update this first post to keep all the site in it... I'll get the ball rolling.


BBC Bitesize -
Recommended by HHAT
Wed 05/05/04 at 16:56
"Not a Jew"
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Bitesize = Crap.

Wed 05/05/04 at 15:20
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I learn in lessons
Wed 05/05/04 at 02:26
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I found those thin books that everyone seems to use in TV are the best; erm, can't remember who made them but they used humour and cartoons. As well as covering two weeks full of work onto a page.
Tue 04/05/04 at 23:06
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My school has invested in SAMlearning.

Tue 04/05/04 at 22:37
"gsybe you!"
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My notes. If I'm bothered.
Tue 04/05/04 at 22:19
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Letts revision guides and Alpha workbooks are the best. Need nought else.
Tue 04/05/04 at 21:48
"£77k - muahahahah"
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But that costs MONEY :P
Tue 04/05/04 at 21:44
"lei fang!!!!!"
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I just use WH Smiths revision guides
Tue 04/05/04 at 21:44
"£77k - muahahahah"
Posts: 1,312
No, I'm a gyppo and proud :)
Tue 04/05/04 at 21:43
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Bitesize is rubbish
Just buy some revision books you cheapos.

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