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"hogs of war"

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Tue 15/03/05 at 16:32
"the whites are goin"
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i had hogs of war did any body else have it It was like a 3d version ofworms but onlyou are pigs and ithought it was beter.
Tue 03/05/11 at 05:09
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Hints and tips:

Career paths/general strategy - choose 3 in Espionage, 1 Engineer and 1 Heavy Weapons. This is the easiest and most satisfying team to select for completing the game quickly.

Use your Espionage pigs (Spys) to pick the pockets and hide. It is a good idea if you can steal from enemy Spys as they may give you more pickpockets. It can be good to settle for stealing just the long range weapons. However, try to completely strip other armed pigs, (nb. if you take too long to complete a level, eventually a Bazooka will be dropped on the disarmed pig). Spys can also use poison gas and then hide till mission is complete, and this is the only realistic way for completing the final mission. It is easy to complete the game with a team of Spys - skill at using weapons is not needed, but the process is tedious.

Use Engineers to safely cross minefields to collect medals and weapons. Remember to lay a mine on 1 pig and then use TNT on another. As engineers cannot hide, it may be useful to collect all available health as being close to enemy pigs will mean they will target him. Make this the first pig to promote to Commando, as they can read minefields too. To be successful, an Engineer must take every opportunity, in the early rounds ,to blow the enemy pigs into water, minefields, poison, off the edge of the screen and even towards enemy pigs (especially in ditches).

Use your Heavy Weapons pig to stand far back and attack with long range weapons, ie Mortar or Bazooka (I have completed the game with a team of Heavy Weapons pigs and it makes for a thrilling ride - it is tricky to survive and collect some medals, but if you are good with Mortar, you can inflict serious damage on the enemy). Use the Flamethrower to destroy enemy tanks and artillery posts - do not stand right up to it though, instead stand as far back as necessary to still have all the flames hitting the target, and then you won't be harmed by the tank exploding! If you choose to attack at close quarters, load up with health as Heavy Weapons pigs cannot hide. Promote this pig to Commando after the Engineeer, as he will still have a Bazooka and 1 Air Burst.

Do not bother with Medics as there is always health to be found, your Spys can steal healing items from enemy Medics and in later rounds, Commandos have the power to heal their pigs. Medics are always vulnerable to attack. I have completed the game with a team of medics, but it is very dull and takes a long time running around healing pigs and only able to attack on some missions, when eventually, weapons are dropped down.

Gameplay hints:

In the early rounds, use Spys first to rob weapons. If you can get in an enemy tank (or in a tank very near to the enemy), allow the enemy to attack him - he then becomes a decoy allowing your other pigs to collect medals, health, weapons or take up commanding or safe positions etc.

In later rounds, it is essential to use Commandos first to jetpack or swim to islands, mountain tops, over minefields, artillery posts/tanks or behind enemy ranks to collect medals before they are destroyed. It can be useful to load up in health and allow the enemy to attack your Commando, so your other pigs stay healthy.

If you have 1 pig in mortal danger, use other pigs to stand between him and the enemy as a sort of shield, nb, if you stand to close to your mate, you may be hit with TNT or Bazooka fire. There are many missions in which this tactic is useful.

Try to remember the order in which the enemy pigs take their go. It may be necessary to hide on the other side of hills, trees, bridges, water etc to stop the enemy from having a clear shot at you. Your priority should be to stop their Spys or Commandos from hitting you with Sniper Rifles. Should they use Bazooka or Grenades, there is a good chance you can be saved by water, as these weapons need solid ground to explode. However, should you be knocked into water, swimming back to land will cost energy (unless your pig is a Commando or Hero).

Effective ways to kill the enemy:

As everyone already knows, knocking pigs into water, minefields and poison can cause serious damage. There are some tips that may not have been considered:

it is possible to use TNT to blow pigs off the edge of the screen - if the pig is high up and at the edge, place TNT not right on top of him, but a few paces away. The edge of the battle ground needs to have an empty void or a slope that leads down to the edge of the screen. I have used this many times, eg. on mission 17 (Geneva Convention), I have destroyed a Commando with 130 health points with 1 TNT! Engineers, Spys and Commandos have these;
Cluster Grenades are very damaging if used correctly, especially if the enemy are grouped in a ditch. Method 1 - aim right at pigs head and rapidly press X twice when grenade is close. Method 2 - if enemy is in a ditch, aim granade just above his head and detonate it just above him (this blows him down to the ground and not sideways out of the ditch), then allow the small bombs to fall into the ditch with him. As soon as they do, detonate them. Method 2 is easier to pull off. This can deplete over 100 points of health! Commandos have 1 and many missions have them in weapons crates;
Air Burst is a very good weapon to use even if accuracy with long range weapons is poor. Method - aim just above the head of the enemy (err on the side of too far, rather than too short) and drive the missile at full power towards him. Detonate when just above. This weapon (like Cluster Grenades and Mortar) is highly effective when a group of enemies are gathered in a ditch or enclosed area, as the initial blast will not scatter them wide enough to evade the bombs which then drop. Pyrotechnics and Commandos have 1 of these, but they are available on many levels in weapons crates;
If you intend to poison the enemy, don't forget to collect all health, destroy Mash Tents and pick the pockets of Surgeons, so that they cannot be healed;
If you have a Pyrotechnic or if a pig collects a Flamethrower, use this weapon to attack Tanks or pigs that are standing against a wall or in a ditch. If you fire at a pig in a ditch, then stand right next to him and aim the cross hair at the bottom of the ditch (if you aim with no angle, then when he falls into the ditch, the rest of the flame will miss him). Though this weapon can take over 100 points off a tank, I don't think a pig can be harmed so severely;
When you can kill a pig, try to choose a method of attack which
will knock him towards other pigs, so his explosion on at death harms other pigs;
If you have a pig that has been heavily attacked and moves very slowly, you may still use TNT - just run away bacwards, as for some reason, he can go at full speed bacwards. In fact, if you need a slow pig to cover a long journey, do so running bacwards while using the map to navigate, watching for minefields , water etc;
If you can get a pig in an artillery tank, then you have use of a 1000lb bomb which takes 100 points off the enemy. The enemy will target you in your tank, which is what you want - you may have to destroy tanks to win medals and it is better to put a healthy pig in a tank till it is destroyed (or all its useful weapons are used up), rather than have the enemy seize the tank and inflict damage upon you. On one of the missions, I get in an artillery and fire the 1000lb bomb at the other - there is no way to get control of this artillery, so it must be destroyed before the enemy inflict serious damage;

If you have enemy pigs grouped together or in a line, don't miss any opportunity to use Air Strikes! 5 bombs are dropped in a line and there is a brief delay between the first and next bomb hitting the ground. If you have 5 bombs falling left to right, say, have the first bomb land just to the left of a pig, as this may knock him right ,towards the next bomb to land (he won't land far enough to the right to be knocked to the right again into the path of the third bomb to land). I once annihilated 4 pigs whose health were between 80 and 130 points, as not only were they blasted by a well placed set of bombs, but the subsequent explosions from the pigs at death blew up all the other pigs!!

Finally, if you wish to use a Machine Gun or Heavy Machine Gun on several pigs, then don't aim the cross hair between them all, as every bullet could miss! Instead, fix the cross hair on one pig, and at least he will definitely be hit.
To help get your bearings at the beginning of a mission, press pause - the camera zooms briefly to all areas of the battle field and this helps you to plan a route or strategy as it is not always easy to use the map in helping you to cross barriers or access higher grounds etc
Wed 16/03/05 at 19:08
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Asher wrote:
> Displayed wrote:
> It is really rubbish, the hardest level is hardest.
> Well that's the strangest thing I've ever heard? You wouldn't expect
> the hardest level to be hardest.
> And it was great.

i missed typed that a bit, opps. but thank you for picking up on my mistakes
Tue 15/03/05 at 21:15
"the whites are goin"
Posts: 279
ok you got my hopes up there, they should make another one, it is one of the most underated games ever, tom
Tue 15/03/05 at 21:14
"period drama"
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No there isn't.
Tue 15/03/05 at 21:11
"the whites are goin"
Posts: 279
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> It was better than Worms 3D at least - although that's not
> particularly tough. Make everythng destructable, and you've got a
> very decent sequel + better graphics + more weapons, obviously.
> I liked how it was mostly a proper battlefield. The maps in Worms 3D
> are a nightmare to move around properly.
is there a sequal to it? what is it called? what is it on? i need it lol
Tue 15/03/05 at 20:57
Posts: 33,481
Also worth looking at: Future Tactics.
Tue 15/03/05 at 20:52
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
It was better than Worms 3D at least - although that's not particularly tough. Make everythng destructable, and you've got a very decent sequel + better graphics + more weapons, obviously.

I liked how it was mostly a proper battlefield. The maps in Worms 3D are a nightmare to move around properly.
Tue 15/03/05 at 20:14
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Asher wrote:
And it was great.

My point exactly
Tue 15/03/05 at 20:13
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Displayed wrote:
> It is really rubbish, the hardest level is hardest.

Well that's the strangest thing I've ever heard? You wouldn't expect the hardest level to be hardest.

And it was great.
Tue 15/03/05 at 16:50
Posts: 1,296
gr13ve wrote:
> Hogs of War was a classic!

Yeah but really rubbish, even classics can be annoyingly rubbish.

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