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'Scam Warning: Shopper Discounts & Rewards'

Tue 03/06/08 at 18:59:
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Hello guys. I'm sorry to say I've become a victim to a horrible internet scam. :( Not the best thing to happen with my birthday coming up.

It all started when I bought some coach tickets with National Express to take my girlfriend back to the airport. After I made the booking they flashed up this thing about Shopper Discounts & Rewards. Offering 10 on my next National Express purchase. It all seemed to have the support of National Express so I signed up on the site and forgot about it.

Then today I checked my online credit card bill (which I hardly use) and I noticed I've been charged 8 last month and the month before. I couldn't understand it because I never gave them my credit card details and in no way did they make it clear that I was signing up for a membership at 8 a month. (Okay they probably hid it in the small print)

Apparently National Express passed on my credit card details and that's how they were able to take money from me.

I've since called them up and cancelled the membership. They also gave me a refund for the first month, so I still lose money for not spotting this sooner. *pout*

I also sent National Express a harsh email about this but I doubt they'll take any notice.

So I hope others can learn from my mistake. Avoid Shopper Discounts & Rewards, unless you're happy to give them 8 a month.

Other companies passing out credit card details after a purchase are: Interflora, easyJet, Expedia, vistaprint, allposters, ctshirts, electricshopping and Millet Sports.
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