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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Win a Free Game?

A. Just make a great chat post, submit a helpful game walkthrough, enter a batch of game cheats, tips, submit a game review or write your own Knowledge Base article and you will automatically be in with a very good chance of winning.

To find out more about when winners are announced, and for which types of entries, please see the Win Free Games page.

Q. I'm Not A Customer of Freeola, Can I Still Win?

A. Yes of course you can! The competition is open to anyone inside the UK and although we feel that our packages are such good value that you would be mad not to use them, not being a Freeola customer will not effect your chances of winning.

Q. How Do I Know If I've Won?

A. If you have won, it is very possible you'll see your name 'in lights' on several pages and sites on Freeola as we run frequently-updated features showing each winner.

We also have a regularly updated Winners List to keep our users up-to-date on all the latest prizes and content.

Q. What Makes For a Winning Entry?

A. Well, you should be original, entertaining and try to steer clear of babbling - long posts are not necessarily all good. We're looking for posts that are entertaining & informative, good quality cheats, and well thought out reviews and walkthroughs. Winning Knowledge Base articles should be relevant, easy to follow and interesting to read while still covering the main purpose of the article.

For more tips and advice on submitting prize worthy content please visit the Submissions Advice thread!

Q. I've Won, How Do I Claim My Prize?

A. Easy. Just choose the prize you want - either a currently released computer game up to the value of £50 (subject to availability) or £30 of Amazon vouchers, and Contact Our Support Team. Use the form, filling in information as required. Make sure you choose 'Prize Claim' from the drop down menu. For further information, please visit the How to Claim page.

Q. How Long Will My Prize Take To Arrive?

A. We aim to despatch prizes as soon as possible, but please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Q. Can I Subsititute My Prize For Something Else?

A. No, only the prizes as stated will be awarded. No cash alternative can be given.

Q. Why Haven't I Won Yet?

A. Be patient! All submissions are viewed by the Freeola Moderators so you aren't going unrecognised for your talents! Keep going, and if you submit consistently good items, you're sure to win one day.

Q. The Prize Winners List Hasn't Been Updated. Why?

A. Again, be patient! Check the winners list over the following week or so after submitting your entry to see if your entry has been selected as a winner!

Q. I Found a Copied Walkthrough. What Should I Do?

A. Let a member of staff know by sending a support email ticket, and the situation will be rectified.

Q. Is There a Limit To The Amount Of Times I Can Win?

A. No, that's the beauty of it - you can win as many times as you want! Some regulars have won more than 100 times (that's a lot of free games!), and so can you!

Q. My Name Has Disappeared From The Winners List. Why?

A. If you waited longer than 30 days, then your prize is invalid and you cannot claim it. If your name has been removed for another reason, send a support email ticket to find out why. If you are discovered to have cheated or used plagiarised content to win a prize, then your name will be removed.

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