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LEGO Batman (PS2)
This game is also available on PS3, Wii, Xbox 360
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on 26/10/2008 at 11:20:50PM
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Original Post:
I am having a problem getting past the killer crock level. I cannot seem to get up on the right side, above the rail. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks - Blasty
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"Compair the meerkar"
on 22/08/2010 at 1:48:32AM
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You hav got 2 glide with batman and if u are stuck in the water go bk to the side u came from then u should jump on it and try again :)
on 14/09/2009 at 6:44:17PM
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im stuck on the harliqin level on lego batman.i come to a gap so i jump in the water but im unable to get up the other side.ive tryd everything to make an im stuck on this.please help i wouid be grateful
"Freeola Ltd"
Staff Moderator
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on 28/05/2009 at 3:35:48PM
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From what I have been able to find.

5H. Under the City =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Penguin Goon, Penguin Henchman, Crocodile, Killer Croc

Super Hero at 59,000: Exploit the Score Multiplier area and Water Suit to get the best return on your studs, because I found a good percentage of this amount in the water in the first area.

Sewer Entry: Head straight back and bust the items for a Magnet Suit.  Climb up the wall and pull the lever to drop the ladder, giving Batman  access to the Demolition Suit.  Blow open the door to the right, then move on right.  Bust some items further right to make the parts for a rotator switch, which can lift Robin up to a Water Suit.  This Water Suit allows him to safely sink to the bottom of any body of water.  Now, go back left and grapple up to the water tanks.  Drop into the water and walk to the right, then hold down A to swim up.  Step on the button multiple times to  drain the water, allowing Batman to come in so he can blow up the shiny  hatch with a bomb.

Reservoir: Jump across the pipes to the structure to the right.  Blast the fan and assemble it as a grapple point.  Grapple up and change your suits to Glide and Magnet.  Take Robin across by the wall and Batman across by gliding.  Step on both buttons in the back to extend a platform.  Now, go back as Batman and get the Demolition Suit again.  Head back to the right and blow up the manhole cover.

Sewer Depths: Head to the right and slide down the path.  Bust all the objects and place the gears on each of the green ramps.  Use a Batarang on the two valves in the back to fill the water.  Climb up to the pile and assmeble it.  Pull the lever to fix the stairs.  Climb up to the right. 
Go up the stairs to the right and smash the object to assemble a lever.  Pull it to drop some magnetic tiles.  Assemble them, then climb up and take the Water Suit.  Drop down into the water and pull the lever to move the water to the other tank.  Hop across the lids that just rose up.  Climb the ladder.

Solitary: Killer Croc's a pretty simple fight.  Pound him, then dodge the stuff he throws at you.
on 28/05/2009 at 3:14:34PM
Total Posts: 1
I'm stuck on the killer croc level, he's vanished past the pipe on fire and I don't seem to know how to get past it
on 28/01/2009 at 1:17:32PM
Total Posts: 5
Just check for a complete Lego Batman walkthru, it works for nearly all formats.
"I like turtles"
on 26/12/2008 at 10:10:48AM
Edited: 26/12/08 10:21
Total Posts: 5546

Welcome to the forums and Happy Christmas !.

Have a look at these :

Lego Batman Clip 1

Lego Batman Clip 2

I played through the game (360 version) but can't remember the exact part you're referring to.Hope these help.
on 26/12/2008 at 5:02:05AM
Total Posts: 1
Please Help!
On Wii Legos Batman we are on the Face-Off level and cant get the window washer thing to go up the side of the building. We have put it together and pulled both the levers but nothing happens. Hope someone can help!!!!!!!
on 03/11/2008 at 5:54:40PM
Total Posts: 4486
As pete said, it's quite difficult to know where you are on about without a bit more detail.

I think you have to come back to it in freeplay after you complete the level (if it is where I think it is). There should be a door you can go through to the right of the screen.

Hopefully your game wont glitch and will let you down the elevator just after you get passed the point I think you are stuck at...  I was there for an hour whilst trying to work out what happened.
"I like turtles"
on 27/10/2008 at 11:14:39AM
Total Posts: 5546
If you could a bit more specific I will try and help.I finished the game a few days ago.
on 26/10/2008 at 11:20:50PM
Total Posts: 1
I am having a problem getting past the killer crock level. I cannot seem to get up on the right side, above the rail. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks - Blasty
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